Success is a highly demanding lifestyle. This is simply a fact that one must accept if one wishes to achieve great things. As I like to say, “success is easy – just ask any failure.” Now, that may seem funny at first, but it’s very true nonetheless. For most of us, work is like a never-ending river of tasks and deadlines. There is no foreseeable end to what needs to get done in order to stay at the top of the proverbial heap. And, for highly successful individuals, it’s true. The work at hand is limitless. To be highly productive we must always be producing – and production requires tremendous amounts of effort and energy. The work is literally continuous for the motivated, goal oriented individual. This can be a daunting reality to face. We can become wildly frustrated by the idea that we work so hard and never seem to get to the bottom of the “to do” pile. It sometimes feels that we are generating more heat than results. As we chip away at the workload, item by item, new responsibilities simultaneously fall like snow on top of a mountain of obligations and demands.

Therefore, it’s extremely common for high achievers to get fatigued, overwhelmed or burnt out from time to time. To help cope with this issue, one has to be certain they are taking proper care of themselves. Proper nutrition and sleep are at the bedrock of achieving and maintaining mental clarity. Here are three tips to ensure you do exactly that:

  • Contrary to what many people believe, I suggest you avoid caffeine as a cheap and easy chemical stimulant. In the end, “over-caffeination” will exaggerate the feeling of being mentally clouded and unfocused. It can even make you nervous and jittery – the last thing you need when you’re trying to be get things accomplished.
  • Avoid foods and beverages high in simple sugars. Eat a well-balanced diet centered around lean sources of protein, fresh vegetables, preferably steamed, and small amounts of high-quality complex carbohydrates like quinoa, whole grains and brown rice. Your brain burns through energy like a locomotive burns through diesel fuel when you are thinking and concentrating intensely to solve challenging problems at work. Give your cerebral cortex what it needs most to be at its best.
  • Rearrange your nightly routine to insure you get 8 hours of sleep each night and avoid alcohol consumption during the work week. Waking up with a foggy mind from too many happy hour drinks will not enable you to work at your highest level. Save the drinks for the weekends if you can.

I believe these guidelines will not only lead to greater clarity of mind but are excellent suggestions for your health, happiness, and wellness overall. The “winner’s mentality” requires a clear and powerful mind.

Mastery of the mind requires an understanding of how the mind is structured and how it functions, which is at the core of what I teach in my book Make Your Own Damn Cheese. That said, for the mind to work at optimal capacity, it must be nourished and rested. If you take good care of yourself, your ability to perform will be greatly enhanced and the results will reflect your good habits.