The music industry has dramatically evolved in the past few decades. What used to work in the 80s or 90s certainly does not work today. Artists and production companies have pinpointed new trends based on the audience’s interests and preferences and are always on the look for comprehending towards those standards.

However, a major concern hovering above as a problem remains the role of artists in their own success. Today, artists are becoming more naïve. They are lacking the useful knowledge, information and an overall strategic approach to making into their careers. It is a common belief nowadays that the music industry does not reward talent and that an artist’s only job is to know and work on one thing that they are good at.

To diminish these popular beliefs, here is what experts in the industry want you to know:

Master the art of writing a song – Talent scouts and record label companies review and listen to a thousand bogus songs every day. Most artists do not write proper compositions which is certainly a problem today. Songs need to be dynamic, have creative potential and unique in some way. They should evoke a sense of desire, something that needed to be put out there. Something that could trigger any sort of emotion when you listen to it.

Get acquainted with your record label company – You get a call from a record label company that they love your work and want to launch you – congratulations but your job doesn’t end there. Get to know your representation, ask them real questions and most importantly, learn how they are as professionals. Rianna Levy is one name being admired by the young artists because of her strong personality that comes off as really uplifting for people. She runs a record label company – Rianna Levy Production, LLC. – that hunts for talented artists who are eager about making it big.

Practice live performance – Imagine you are being asked to do a quick, live performance that would be a deciding factor for a bigger opportunity. If you have not done enough practice, you may be ready to call it a night. An opportunity can pop up out of nowhere any time and the wise is one who is prepared and sees it coming. You can take a fraction of your time every day for a practice gig. The difference would be noticed in due time and little hours of practice every now and then would actually help you in the future.

Do not listen to too many people – When you are starting out, trying to find yourself, trying to find your music, so many people are going to be telling you a hundred different things. Do not listen to everyone because not everyone is backing you to achieve your goals and dreams. Often people give wrong advice to you because they have a scant idea of the whole thing itself. It is your job to know when to filter the noise and seek only the valuable information.

Keep educating yourself – Consuming information about the music business is always key. Stay on top of the news, keep learning from the people who are leading in the industry, read and read a lot. A chance to take inspiration lies everywhere, so go out and learn!

Climbing the ladder is a journey itself. You are needed to learn as much as you can as you go. Learn the hard-lessons, learn from the failures, learn from the opportunities and make it all count.