The refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in the home and, at the same time, one of the most important, since it can store many perishable foods. That is why its correct use and maintenance are necessary to ensure proper operation and extend its life time.

Express repair, a leading fridge repair Kitchener Company in the segment, recommends doing a deep cleaning at least once a year as preventive maintenance, thus avoiding damage or corrosion. To be able to carry out this cleaning correctly, it is necessary to remove all the food and disconnect the appliance, then it suggests following the following steps:

1. Interior cleaning

Remove all trays (internal and door).

Use a mild dishwasher warm water solution and apply it with a smooth cloth for cleaning the interior walls and doors.

Wash the trays with the same solution, ensuring the elimination of any traces of food.

Wait for the trays to dry and keep the refrigerator doors open to eliminate any remaining moisture.

Put the trays back in place.

2. Exterior cleaning

In the case of exterior cleaning, you can use a solution of warm water with detergent or cleaner.

Apply the solution with a soft cloth, wipe it on the external front and side walls of the refrigerator.

3. Dry with a dry cloth.

It is also important to maintain the rear deck at least twice a year, so that the refrigerator can work efficiently.

In addition to being equipped with a Flex Zone space that allows you to easily convert one of the refrigerator compartments to a freezer, provides the flexibility to move and / or remove all its trays and drawers, allowing you to have everything properly organized and facilitating the general cleaning of this appliance.

Additionally, it should be noted that this line has the Digital Inverter compressor motor, which, in addition to generating savings of up to 50% in energy consumption compared to products from previous generations, provides up to 10 years of warranty, to ensure optimal condition. Out of your fridge for longer.

Sometimes, it happens that the refrigerator does not turn off and proceeds to cool and cool without intervals of inactivity, causing the freezing of everything stored in the cabin. Usually this is due to failures in the refrigerator thermostat, which is responsible for regulating the temperature inside the refrigerator.

With a multimeter in Ohms mode, to measure the electrical resistance generated by the thermostat, check the electrical continuity in the part connectors. If the multimeter does not show a signal, you will need to replace the thermostat, as it is damaged.

Reasons why the refrigerator lamp may stop working:

1. The cab light may be worn out. Then you just have to replace it with a new one that does work.

2. Another circumstance to which the refrigerator lamp may be due is that the cables that feed the cabin light are damaged. Then the most convenient thing is for a technician to check and repair this fault.

3. Finally, if the car lighting malfunction is not due to the above two reasons, it may be the door switch that is faulty. With a multimeter you can do this check.