As cases of coronavirus increased in late-2019, no one predicted it to have drifted toward a global pandemic. Measures being taken today, such as social distancing and self-quarantine, have been implemented to keep the public safe and ensure a swift reduction in cases.

With a pandemic comes the overwhelming pressure of parenting, the loss of jobs, and increased responsibilities to maintain health and safety. Through tough times, we have to be dependent on us, as parents, to keep our children strong and healthy.

Keep Calm

One of the best ways for parents to improve their situation during a pandemic is to keep calm. Diffuse any panic and normalize situations that could cause excessive worry.

As parents, it is crucial to remain strong and calm for our children. Parenting is looked upon as a source of strength, especially during proper responses and actions taken during dire situations.

Practicing a calm mindset means only dealing with factual news and reports and not consuming too much of it. Unfortunately, there are people who thrive on the anxiety, worries, and anger of others, specifically in the midst of a pandemic.

Also, we must reassure our children with compassion, precaution, and cooperation on how to protect ourselves from the vulnerabilities of the virus. Find the healthy middle ground between being realistic but also calm.

Whether a pandemic exists, or not, ask your kids how they are feeling and what is troubling them. They might not be at the same level of stress that you are. It’s not that difficult to get frustrated that your children are feeling down about everyday adversities. If your children suffer from a physical, emotional or even neurodevelopmental condition, like autism, for instance, be wary of what may be troubling them.

Anticipate Uncertainty

Sticking to a structure is another excellent way of dealing with the pandemic. Due to temporary regulations, traveling or visiting shops, salons, and restaurants spontaneously are not recommended.

Finding a balance to reduce the stress of decreased outdoor activities is necessary. As always the best interest of children is what should be instrumental in making modifications to your parenting plan because of coronavirus.

Though we as parents are typically hesitant to give up parenting time, it may important now given the ongoing pandemic. Look first to the agreement you have in place to see if it requires any emergency contingencies.