It affects balance, makes it difficult to follow conversations and causes mental and physical fatigue. All this can lead to social isolation, anxiety and even depression, as well as to a general impoverishment of health.

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, the first step in treating it may be to simply learn more about it. However, it is key to understand that, unlike other common health problems such as arthritis or coronary heart disease, hearing loss can be immediately improved.

When someone has a hearing loss, the role of the people close to them is key to facilitate the acceptance of the problem and get a good level of communication. Keep in mind that the affected person not only loses his hearing: he loses much more than that. Surely you will escape details in conversations but in the Free eBook download “Living with Hearing Loss” give us more detail in conversation, stop appreciating the nuances, to differentiate the tone of voice. Perhaps it is difficult for you to understand a joke or to follow a joke. Nothing causes more distress in a person with a hearing loss than believing himself isolated from his surroundings. Family and friends can do a lot to avoid it, for this it will be helpful to follow these tips :

1) If the person with a hearing loss does not wear hearing aids, ask him or her what ear he hears best and stand on that side to talk to him. This is especially important in noisy places.

2) Before you start talking, be sure to get their attention – for example. Touching your shoulder and start eye contact.

3) Speak to him front and clearly, vocalizing and without haste. Pronounce clearly the consonants. And above all, do not scream, it is not necessary and in addition, you can convey the feeling that you are angry. It is not about speaking louder but more clearly.

4) Use short phrases and, if necessary, repeat the complete sentence, not just single words, to facilitate understanding in context. If the person still does not understand after several repetitions, try other words that have the same meaning.

5) If the conversation occurs at home, disconnect the television or radio. Do not move to another room while you are talking.

6) Be considerate and understanding, especially at the learning stage. Avoid showing irritation or fatigue if you have to repeat the same thing several times.

It is possible that people with hearing loss, so as not to tire others,   pretend to have understood us when they have not really done it. In addition, following a conversation requires them to pay close attention, which can be strenuous. However, with a little patience and some learning, the life of a person with hearing problems can be as rich

What to expect from an auditory study?

Getting the proper diagnosis from the hand of a hearing professional is paramount when it comes to improving hearing. A common auditory study is a simple and convenient test:

First, the hearing care professional will check your ears. Afterward, they will talk about the situations in which they notice that hearing loss affects them more.

Then you’re hearing level will be assessed by performing an audiometric. This test is similar to an ophthalmologic examination, but instead of looking at a series of letters and numbers, you will be asked to listen to soft tones and indicate which ones you can hear. You will also hear and have to repeat certain words to determine your level of speech understanding.

The results of the test are represented in an audiogram. If you have hearing loss, the hearing care professional will inform you about the hearing aids that fit your particular needs and recommend the most appropriate for your case.

Your hearing care professional can help you enjoy a more intense, fulfilling and satisfying life so does not waste another day fighting to connect to everything that matters in life. 

What to expect after adopting the hearing aids?

Although it may take some time to adjust to the new hearing aids, you will notice an immediate improvement in your hearing. You will begin to hear forgotten sounds, such as the whistle of the teapot, the flashing indicator of the car’s direction, or the sound of running water. Little by little, your mind will adapt to the new sound levels in different listening situations.

Hearing loss is a health problem that may require medical attention, so it is important not to ignore it. If you suspect that you have hearing loss or have already been diagnosed, accepting it and taking action soon can radically improve your quality of life. Request a free hearing study with your nearest hearing care professional as soon as possible.


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