Evolve Your Wishes Come True

by Tam John

Photo courtesy of Alexa Williams on Unsplash

The bliss of a fresh new year comes with letting what is old and not wanted fade.  New routines and beginnings are embraced.  The first week of a new year feels like anything is possible.  Then as if in a blink, the best laid plans fizzle as fast as you stepped into a new calendar.

Counter-intuitively, resolutions and change are not easy to keep as a lifestyle.  It is well documented in publications of notoriety most resolutions fall by the wayside in the first 30 days.  This reflects the seemingly ridiculous notion how the brain protects us by keeping us in the status quo.  The status quo feels comfortable to the brain. 

Tips to Think Your Way to a Future You Love:

Beyond falling on the seeming foible of the brain and realize change you desire; you must engage your mind into thinking yourself into new ways of being.  Action mirroring desire is needed; however the core of change is thought.  Bit by bit become aware of your thoughts and create the best.  

Baby Steps.  Shave off your apparent misaligned thoughts.  Gradually works because small steps solidify new thinking patterns and replace defeating choices.  Break down your big picture into smaller scenes.  Instead of creating overwhelm for your brain by thinking about writing the entire novel or coming down two sizes in your jeans, write for 15 minutes or eat a healthful breakfast every day to set yourself up for success.

Be Kind.  The kinder you are to yourself in celebration for the ‘little things’ breaks down old and not useful patterns of choice.  Self-criticism is a sign that there is a lingering destructive thought pattern working to push you backward.  This is true for poor food choices, non-loving relationships, and everything else. 

Criticism of others damages you.  The adage about when you point a finger at others, how many are pointing back at you is spot-on.  Using the simple sacred words ‘Peace Begins with Me’ has power to set you on course and ground you in choices that serve you well.  People who believe differently than you lose power you have given them to annoy you when you practice this sacred phrase. 

Imagine the best.  Let the rest go.  Imagine all things in your life encased in greater peace, love, health, and happiness.  Your brand of more success will naturally follow in all its forms.

Life is a practice to keep evolving with persistency and consistency.  Keep going.  The world needs you!



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