The fridge is one of the most useful appliances, since it allows the correct preservation of raw and prepared foods, however, there are certain problems associated with the appliance door that can generate inconveniences, for this reason, it is good to take into account some tips on Fridge repair  how to change the opening direction, replace the rubber and sagging door.

How to change the opening direction of the fridge?

A good fridge is one that allows you to adapt it to your needs, for this reason, the most prominent models of today offer the possibility of changing the opening direction of the door. This is very important, since it is not only about the comfort of left- or right-handed people, but about the organization of the space and the elements that we have in the kitchen.

However, the first recommendation that we give you is to take advantage of the manufacturer’s technical service, since it is the safest way to make changes to the appliance, in addition, you must bear in mind that you can lose the warranty if you make serious mistakes when intervening the fridge with your own hands. In other words, if you find the procedure very complicated, it is best to call a professional on the subject.

Newer fridge s allow you to easily change the door opening direction and generally include an instruction manual with the detailed procedure. But if this is not your case, we will explain step by step the easiest way to do it. The first thing is to disconnect the device from the electricity and remove it from the usual area to carry out the work comfortably.

You should have the help of another person to move and tilt the fridge, so that you can remove the lower, center and upper hinges, as well as the trims without damaging the appliance. Once the door is completely removed, you can place the hinges on the opposite side, remember that you must also change the handles to the opposite edge before fixing again.

The assembly of the door will be very simple, since it is only a matter of carrying out the opposite procedure to the one you just did. It may be that you need some extra strong glue to reinstall the trims, in addition, some fridge s have a cable that makes an electrical connection with the door, so you should not forget to connect it before screwing.

The best way to replace the fridge door rubber

Even if you buy the best fridge  (In this link you will find several products to analyze) , it is normal that over time the door seals lose their ability to hermetically close the appliance, which makes the appliance begin to lose its internal cold and start to spend much more electricity, as it will try to achieve a suitable temperature. This ends up considerably affecting the electricity bill, not counting the forced labor to which the fridge is subjected.

As is known, the most appropriate decision would be to hire a professional to install a new rubber on the fridge door, however, it is true that we do not always have that much budget, so it is worth purchasing the weather-strip and replacing it. Ourselves. In this sense, the most important thing is to make sure you buy the correct rubber for your fridge, so you will not have problems during installation.