All activities must be adapted to the current pandemic conditions and situation. Such conditions require us to be able to adapt and stay committed, continue to work actively, productively, and creatively even though we work from home with all the limitations. Not a few of us often feel bored when we have to do activities at home. Therefore, to reduce boredom, there are many things that can be done at home to always stay productive.

Here are some tips you can do to stay productive during the COVID-19 pandemic

1. Wake up early

As the old saying is often said by parents, “Don’t wake up late, your sustenance will be pegged by the chicken.” This is true. Waking up in the morning makes the body and mind feel refreshed so that we are ready to have fun activities. The time we have also feels longer so we can relax to do tasks or work.

It’s different if you wake up in the afternoon, usually your head will feel dizzy and make you lazy to do anything. As a result, all day just lying relaxed.

2. Schedule daily activities

Each worker certainly has their own job desk that has been prepared and must be completed every day. By making a sequence of daily activities such as after waking up what we should do. Starting from homework, office work, to leisure time.

This will help to remind us not to miss any work. We can arrange which activities are priorities so that activities can be carried out in an orderly manner and can be completed on time.

3. Channeling hobbies

Our activities are limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many entertainment places that are often the place where we hang out are closed, making us definitely feel bored. Make no mistake, we can also channel our hobbies at home. For example, the hobby of writing.

Writing can be one of the activities we are engaged in during a pandemic, whether it’s writing a diary or writing articles or writing services. Visit Monthly SEO Packages, Parker2010 for high quality SEO services.

By writing we can get several benefits. In addition to sharpening creativity, another benefit is that it helps relieve stress. Apart from being a commercial purpose and a hobby, writing can be used as a place to channel knowledge. Share knowledge and share fun with others. It can even affect the mindset of others so that it is like a force that changes their lives.

4. Do activities that can please yourself

After completing homework or office, there is nothing wrong if we refresh ourselves by doing activities that we enjoy.

Like watching movies, listening to your favorite music, or cooking to try new menus from the internet. Besides that, there is nothing wrong if we occasionally keep in touch with friends.

5. Reading a book or journal

Reading a book or journal is one way that can add to our insight while at home. With the current limited situation, we still need to increase our insight and knowledge. This is an activity that makes us quite productive and we can do while relaxing at home.

6. Do light exercise

If you stay too often and don’t do anything at home, it will make your body sore and feel heavy. Even though during the pandemic and at home, we must still maintain health. By doing light exercise can make the body fit.

We can do light exercise by imitating exercise tutorials on social media. It can also be accompanied by your favorite music to make exercising more enjoyable.

Those are tips to stay productive during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Don’t forget to consistently apply the Health protocol by doing the 5 M, namely wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility. STAY HEALTHY AND PRODUCTIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC.