Your twenties are always full of mixed emotions. Adulting is hard and hits fast. Often people are at different phases of life which can feel awkward. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of having to accomplish a million and one things in your twenties, but there’s no reason to rush. Your twenties are a decade worth getting pumped about and setting goals that matter to you. Below are five ideas to consider doing in your twenties that don’t include getting married and having kids.

1. Consider getting your MBA

Want an increase in your paycheck? Consider getting your MBA. There are several online programs that provide quality education from the comfort of your home and guarantee more money in your future. There’s no better time to chase your dream job. And if your current job doesn’t make you happy? Ditch it. That’s ok too. Find what makes you happy and determine your passion. The 9am-5pm life isn’t for everyone.

2. Travel to new places

Better yet, travel alone. The trip you’ve been wanting to take to Thailand. Do it. Now is the perfect time when you don’t have to devote yourself to others’ time schedules. You can plan the trip exactly how you want it and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You’ll thank yourself later in life.

3. Do something out of your comfort zone

Train for a marathon. Go skydiving. Try a new sport. When you’re older you might not have the physical capabilities you do now.

4. Consider buying a “fixer upper”

This one depends on financials, but is a fun and rewarding project that you can specifically design yourself. There are a ton of home remodels you can do with your fixer that will give you a bigger bang for your buck in the long run.

5. Work hard, play harder, but take care of yourself

It’s important to not get so caught up in the hustle that you forget to take care of yourself, which is always the most important thing. Practice self-care that is important to you whether it’s splurging on Dermalinfusion, going to your favorite exercise class, or spending more money on coffee or trendy healthy snacks. Your mind and body always need to be properly fueled. After all, your twenty-somethings are only ten years of your life.