Michael E Weintraub Esq

During the current pandemic, the strategy and tactics that you adopt with consumers will directly influence your interaction with consumers in the future.

Michael E Weintraub Esq gives several tips on how your business can help your consumers to survive through COVID-19

COVID-19 is a deadly global pandemic, and businesses must begin implanting essential protocols for their employees’ safety. Along with this, there is also a significant threat for company owners as they have to face severe challenges of mitigating lost revenue while assisting their consumers through the situation.

This article focuses on how the strategy and gambit you use will redefine your legacy and position as a leader. Furthermore, it will also establish your interaction with consumers.

Establish a task force for consumer communication

You must create a group including seniors from sales, marketing, legal, customer support, and accounting. It will help in the determination of strategies and protocols surrounding customer communications. However, the team must be small, ranging from 5 to 7 members only. Moreover, you should not become a dictator and keep hold with an iron fist. You must pitch ideas and listen keenly to the insights provided by each member. It will assist in establishing an effective strategy of client communication, resulting in an enhanced consumer experience. 

Give preference to consumer issues and establish messaging services

Once you have created a team, it is time to categorize issues affecting your consumers. You can line up your consumers from the most affected by COVID-19 to the least affected consumers. Second, you should take hold of marketing communication tools that are already acquired to send emails to consumers. However, it would help if you did not sell or advertise. Mails should only focus on sending out information and assisting consumers. Assure them they have you by their side.

For better communication, you can create separate mail addresses for contacting you with urgent issues. Make sure you have a designated team member managing emails and responding to them regularly.

Communicate with your consumers effectively 

Do not beat around the bush while reaching out to your clients. Michael EWeintraubEsqsays texts and emails are essential communication lines, along with the two-way communication model of phone calls. These provide a more in-depth insight into connecting with your consumers. 

Follow up with your clients

It is essential to follow up after a first call, and it builds trust with your consumers. It conveys that you are concerned about your consumers and their companies and that your needs were not a one-time thing. It helps you stay updated with necessary changes regarding your consumer, providing different ways to assist. Each conversation must end with a scheduled follow-up call and establishing the next steps.

Reassemble and analyze

With the end of the pandemic, it is essential to bring your group together and determine the lessons learned while establishing improvement areas.

The lessons acquired during this period and what you derive from this article will help you establish and tackle future challenges.