Michael Giannulis

People are feeling too much stressed while staying at home for days together within minimal outdoor activities while trying to comply with governments’ health advisories to combat the Covid19 pandemic. Although the steps in maintaining physical distance and the practice of better hygiene and safety are essential to prevent the spread of infection, it takes a toll on the mental health of people who are unable to cope with the disruptive lifestyle. 

According to Michael Giannulis, job losses and business closures are causing more anxiety as people face an uncertain future and drive them to depression that impacts their overall wellness and wellbeing.  Their inability to come to terms with the new lifestyle increases the stress many more times as people struggle to adopt a new routine with meaningful engagement throughout the day.

Taking care of your mental health should help to see the light at the end of the tunnel and inspire you to fight back with courage and sail safely through the trying times to reach the shores.

Mike Giannulis advises minimal exposure to news and information

Gathering information about everything happening around you should give you confidence about your actions to fight the pandemic. However, you must consume information and news by judging its authenticity because, during the pandemic, there is a deluge of information, most of which are unreliable and fake that can paralyze your ability to think clearly and make rational decisions.  Overload of information will build too much stress as the contradictory reporting would confuse you and rob your ability to take the right decision at the right time. To avoid the problem and maintain your sanity, which helps to judge things properly, consume limited information only from reliable sources by avoiding the rumor mills.

Take up interesting activities

Avoid boredom at all costs as it only multiplies stress.  Prolonged confinement at home and lack of positive active engagement can be so monotonous that it will leave you depressed. To overcome the problem, think creatively to identify some exciting activities to involve everyone in the family and enjoy together.  It will give you a window for refreshment, and you will even find some new purpose in life that makes a living more enjoyable.

Pay attention to your body and mind

To ensure your overall wellness and happiness, it is essential to have a relaxed body and mind. Stressed minds can adversely affect your physical health and have a negative impact on your wellness. On the other hand, poor physical health can result in ailments that cause anxiety and upset mental health. Pay the same attention to your physical and mental health for its proper maintenance so that it works together to ensure your wellness and wellbeing during the pandemic, and even after it goes away.

Practice meditation that helps control your mind and judge everything with a sense of detachment to avoid any stress build-up. The calming effect of meditation on the mind will help you see the bright side of life, which aids your wellness.