Feeling of stress is a part of life for each and every person, as we all think about our family, career, health, finance and many other things. To some level, stress can be managed by all the person. However, when it exists for a longer period of time in our life, then it becomes a burden for us.

First of all, you must know that what is stress and what are its effects….

Stress is a type of physiological reaction that is responsible for some kind of distress or discomfort which leads to various types of mental health problems, for example, depression as well as anxiety. Stress can affect a person in various ways. It may lead to depression, tension, anxiety, lack of concentration, indecisiveness, insomnia, suicide, increased drinking or smoking and many others.

Pregnancy and stress

During the time pregnancy the body of a women changes such as release in different types of hormones, expansion of belly, frequent urination, breast tenderness and many other. Along with these changes the to-be mother is worried about her health, her baby’s health, whether there are complications and so on. All of these changes and thoughts leads to stress. So, it is very common for the time of pregnancy. But stress can cause trouble in sleeping, headaches and nausea. And when it reaches to high level and continues for a longer time the it may cause heart disease or high blood pressure.


Causes of stress varies among women, but some common causes are:

  • Discomforts of pregnancy such as constipation, backache, nausea.
  • The change in the hormones leads to mood swings that create difficulty to manage stress.
  • A working woman worries about the ways to manage both the job and her own care of health.


Whenever the stress for a pregnant woman increases, it intensifies the chances of various problems, such as premature birth and other pregnancy related complications.

Steps to reduce stress

  • A pregnant woman must take care of herself, eat proper food regularly, take rest, perform exercises as per advised, avoid smoking or intake of drugs.
  • Eating properly during pregnancy is necessary so that the sugar level of blood does not drops. It will give energy and will help to remain fresh throughout the day.
  •  Light exercise during the pregnancy is good for reducing stress. A pregnant woman must try to do some yoga, normal stretches, breathing exercises and various meditation techniques.
  • Do not think too much about stress instead find out the reasons of stress and take necessary steps to control it.
  • At the time of stress, it is better for a pregnant lady to focus on the baby which is growing inside you.
  • Whenever you are having stress, talk about it to your partner or doctor. They can help you in recovering from the problem you are going through.

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