We all have been there. For many of us, it is a story of every month and it is hard to escape. Come to think of it; exactly what are those things which take up a large portion of your pay every month? Your most important liabilities every month would definitely be in the bracket of the following items: rent or mortgage, pet care, miscellaneous items, grocery, Netflix, utility bills, drinks, food and a tone of unnecessary stuff.

Every month you go out and spend hundreds or maybe thousands of bucks and every fourth week, you frown about the embarrassing digits prompted on your ATM screen. You could curse spending thousands of dollars on that degree, the job which does not pay you enough – or maybe it does, and lastly, the politicians for milking the economy to its lowest effecting people like you and me.

It is important to play smartly with your money. Wrong decisions would go a long way in throwing horrible consequences at your disposal. Here is what to keep in mind next time you get paid:

Shop less but frequent for clothes – When you are operating on a tight budget where you cannot make room for a little bit of a free hand of spending, it is not certainly wise to spend as much on shopping for things. Buy quality clothes but not in bulk. You can get a handful of items every month. It’s not wise to load up your hands with 10 bags worth hundreds of dollars of clothing items.

Cut the unnecessary crap – Michael Kors can wait; Debenhams is cool. Certain items we spot in malls and fancy stores appear to be largely appealing but this means you need to redirect your path into those stores and spend hundreds of dollars on items you do not necessarily need. It is wiser to buy items you do not need every once in a while but if you are choosing to stay broke for 2 weeks in order to get them, it’s really not worth it. Emergencies can strike up anytime, never forget.

Keep an eye on food deals and coupons – You get paid every month and the first thought in your mind is about eating out at exotic restaurants and fancy dine-in chains. You deserve it but you also need to cut spending too much on food. Stay updated on what is happening around at your local restaurants: the deals, coupons, and offers. There are platforms which filter out news, deals, and offers regarding everything that saves you bucks on eating at your favorite restaurants. Take the example of EatDrinkDeals.com, these guys know that dining in at restaurants can be hard on your pockets, which is why they have listed coupons and deals on many popular restaurants.

“Eat Drink Deals” is America’s trusted platform for news regarding discount and deals at popular restaurants and one can find coupons, coupon codes and general info about the best dining deals.

Your mid-20s and 30s are the periods of life where you need to be smart about money. Spending recklessly can backfire, and the growing importance of saving should compel you to make wise decisions.


  • Oscar Shepherd

    Creative Content Writer

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