The New Year is the perfect opportunity for your Content Marketing strategy to develop better than ever. Before making drastic changes, it is necessary to follow some basic, simple but important tips that will affect the future plan.

Answer several questions of the type “Which?”

The answers to these questions provide valuable information with two clear objectives: to better understand our public and define the goals that are intended to be achieved.

-What is the target audience ?: Segmenting it perfectly based on analytics is the first step. Therefore, this point will be analyzed in detail later.

-What are the general objectives ?: Each of them should define a specific time for compliance.

– What are the resources that are counted ?: The distribution of financial means for the fulfillment of the objectives must be reflected in a detailed budget.

-Which human elements will intervene in the process?: Each of them must be placed in the correct position, without exception.

Understanding the audience: a fundamental concept of Content Marketing

Knowing the public to whom the product or service is sold is a subject that will never be sufficiently explored, due to its extension. The ways to achieve it are diverse and all of them lead to the acquisition of total wisdom in relation to the audience and its psychology.

The steps to achieve it will be:

-Recollection of data and study of the same: Currently it is achieved through intelligent systems, which allow knowing habits of behavior, tastes, and hobbies. This information helps to know more about the way users interact in the digital world.

-Buyer People: These buyer models set the tone to create content aimed at segmented audiences and achieve a better distribution and reception of them.

-Constant market studies: Internet offers ample possibilities to apply this type of tool. Traditional surveys can be much more useful combined with modern Video Marketing techniques.

Building the strategy

Although the techniques vary, in general terms a Content Marketing program for this 2018 must involve the following:

-Documentation of the assigned resources: An organization chart that visually indicates how much and how the human and monetary resources will be distributed for each specific one will be quite useful.

-Establish the type of content and its formats: Each specific point of the campaign should consider the type of information and how it will be provided to the public.

-Establish the means of distribution: It will also be important to define each of the channels receiving the content.

-Politics to follow: Knowing what the limitations of the creative team will be, the rules to follow, the “no” ones to avoid and the flexible terms to make changes, is fundamental for a better understanding of the work to be done.

A strategy that includes Social Media channels

Social networks in this 2018 and for much longer, will provide the necessary impetus for Content Marketing. Basically, we talk about two aspects related to these media:

-Creating exclusive content for each social network: Customize the type of material that we will deliver to the public will achieve that the chances of success of the strategy will increase. In this way, the images and professional videos on Instagram will be the complement to the infographics and striking links on Twitter. On the other hand, Facebook can be used to promote blog posts, in addition to creating other content tailored to this network.

-Use these means as platforms for the recruitment of prospects: The quality of the content must be optimal to generate the necessary engagement that leads the user to provide their data. The general process will be:

* Content publication.

* Generation of interest in the user with a subsequent digital contact, either commenting on the content or sharing it.

* Resolve doubts related to this information.

* Direct it to a landing page so that it performs the corresponding action after obtaining even more detailed information.

The importance of technology

It has already been talked about how essential automatic programs are for saving time and effort in current marketing. On the other hand, the use of specific technologies is already an almost mandatory requirement for any brand that pretends to stand out in the search engines.

Among them is Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and in general all those that seek to change forever the user’s digital experience. Therefore, the respective budget, as well as the objectives that seek to be achieved, will determine the use of each of these techniques to reach broader audiences.

Monitor the results

Finally, monitor the performance, interpret data, make changes and optimize the content along the way, will be the successful closure of your campaign in 2018. After the work done, it is necessary to see what gave satisfactory results and what needs to change in the next plan.

Content Marketing never stops evolving. However, the basic concepts are still the starting point to develop plans that generate quality traffic, conversions and profits. Uniting the traditional to the new digital trends will undoubtedly be the best way to achieve it.


  • Aariya Rafi

    Founder & CEO

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    Aariya Rafi is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Passionate Digital Marketer And The Founder & CEO at Rank Fame a Digital Marketing Agency. He Works With Six-Figure Companies to Help Them Scale Their Businesses and Become Industry Leaders. Also, He helps Entrepreneur to Get Instant Credibility And Authority To Sell High Ticket Offer. His Work Has Been Featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur, HackerNoon, Buzzfeed, and Other Top Tier Publications as a Thought Leader in Creating a Digital Footprint by Using Different Marketing Techniques.