Photos are best taken by a friend or family member, along with these helpful tips.
Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Wardrobe: darker, solid tops without logos are ideal
  • It’s best, if you wear glasses, to send some photos with them on and some with them off, and please do not wear sunglasses, or glasses with transition lenses.
  • The more photos the better!
  • If your photos are too large to send via email, upload them to your email cloud and send us the shared link ([email protected]).
  • Please do not compress your photos/videos or apply any filters.
  • Please photograph vertical and horizontal images!

We would love to give you the opportunity to send us a video telling us about your Thrive Challenge journey. This is completely optional, but if you want to submit a video, you can record the video on your phone.
Here are a few things we would love for you to share in your video:

  • Your name, where you live, and why you’re doing the Thrive Challenge.
  • Your job/ where you work, with your store number!
  • What inspired you to start the Challenge? Is there one specific moment that inspired you to make a change?
  • How did you hear about the Challenge? If a coworker of yours told you about it, what is their name?
  • What are a few Microsteps or Better Choices that have helped you on your journey? We’d love for you to get really specific about the Better Choices you’ve made — did you make a food swap? Figure out a fun way to incorporate movement into your days? The more specific the better!
  • What are the big or small changes you’ve seen in your life from doing the Thrive Challenge?  Do you have more energy? Are you more present with your family? Are you saving money?
  • Tell us about one tip that helped you stay motivated, even when it was hard.
  • Tell us about one tip that helped you stay motivated. Was there a nutritious recipe you loved? A type of workout that inspired you to move more? A person in your life who encouraged you along the way? We’d love for you to get specific about the small changes you’ve made.

We can’t wait to hear from you!