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How Do I Select a Business?

I’m often out in the world talking to moms from different life backgrounds. It is amazing to see the degree of diversity that exists in the word mom.

Many moms come to me to talk about business and life. I enjoy it. From my many conversations with moms, I’ve noticed a recurring question that comes up. The question is “How Do I Select a Business?”

My answer is to take your time. I know that sounds crazy to some people because they don’t like waiting. Business is a journey. It is important to take your time deciding how you want your journey to look. You will be spending lots of time working on your business, make sure you love what you are doing.

What Other Mompreneurs Have to Say

I asked seven mompreneurs to share how they selected their business to help inspire you, the future mompreneur. Here is what they said:

Growing up I watched my mom braid hair. I was always into getting my hair done. I enjoy making others feel good about themselves. It wasn’t always my lifelong dream but I have grown an unconditional love for the beauty industry.

My advice to moms wanting to become entrepreneurs is to make sure the business they get into is something they are passionate about. In my experience passion alone can get them through those rough patches that are sure to come.

I chose my current business because I fell in love with the product. I love that the opportunity offers me the 3 F’s: Freedom, Flexibility, and Finance.

My advice for moms wanting to own their own business is not to be afraid of becoming an entrepreneur. I would advise them not to quit their dreams and follow their hearts. It doesn’t matter if they are an expert because they will learn along the way.

My current business actually found me. I find that teaching people about the importance of finances helps me grow professionally and personally. My business gives me the opportunity to develop not only myself but a group of people.

Suggestions to other women: It’s not only about following your dreams, but it is also about finding something that you are passionate about and can’t wait to talk to everyone about. Your business has to be something that challenges you every day so you can grow.

I selected my business because I wanted to create a product that everyone could receive. I wanted to give the gift that lasts and brings smiles to people’s faces. It is my lifelong dream to share this with everyone and provide them with options for their gift giving.

My advice for women thinking of starting a business is: Do your research, it’s a long journey and you have to have the passion to withstand it.

Going through aging, degeneration, and discomfort, led me to a product that helped me and my family avoid joint replacement. I was so thankful that I started sending information to whoever I knew.

My advice to moms wanting to become entrepreneurs is to look for a business that comes with a good support and training system if they are not starting their business from scratch. Of course, check the background of the company before getting involved.

I wanted to be a worship leader and after being told that I didn’t fit the image, I decided to do my karaoke business as a way to love and encourage people.

I want upcoming mom entrepreneurs to know it is more important to be a Go-Giver than a Go-Getter! Let your light shine so that others will see the God in you. Invite people to shine with you!

I selected my business because I loved the products. After watching one of my close friends have success and growth, I wanted to be a part of it.

My tip to future business owners is: Do your research! Make sure you review the history of the company and what it stands for. Also, make sure that whatever business you choose is one that aligns with your personal beliefs.

Do you agree with the advice? What would you add? Shoot me a message on Twitter and let me know what you think. Use the hashtag #EntrepreneuMoms.


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