As a fashionista, I have come to realize that social media is where all the hype starts. If you do not hit on social media for your fashion items, then you are not going to hit in the real world. I have therefore curated a way that makes me felt on social media and this has resulted to great sales as well as a cool branding for my business. In this article, I list ways that fashion experts can also grow.

Have metrics to measure growth

When I started social media marketing, I had no direction until a day my mentor asked me how I knew that I was doing well. And since I did not have any tool to measure my growth, I was tongue tied. From then, I started looking for metrics that showed that I was growing such as number of likes gained, comments and shares.

Currently, I am using this tool that helps me to conduct Instagram audit that helps to show the number of followers, mentions, hashtags on IG.

Show people that you are human

When creating content on social media, try to have something that has an emotive appeal. Content that makes people want to share and buy the products. You will also need to engage with the audience and show them that you are human.

Like their comments and jokes. Respond to their comments and questions promptly so that they feel that you value their feedback.

Invest in color,texture and feel

Earlier on, I was a one-man army and would curate the content for my social media posts, do the photography editing and all that. However, I found that I was going scaling because my photos were badly done and did not have the oomph that the social media crowd was looking for.

I went ahead and hired a professional photographer and you should see their pictures. They are high resolution, crystal clear and amazing is the word. With such pictures, I have been able to nail it and become popular with lots of likes and referrals from my social media accounts.

Optimize your social media keywords

You need to optimize your keywords so that your content has keywords that your audience is searching for.

Use hashtags as often as possible

Social media is ever punctuated with hashtags. Join the bandwagon and leverage on them to get a bigger audience.

Give your customers a reason to interact with you on social media

Give your customers a reason to interact with your content online. You could for example give freebies to all those that comment. The give-away need not be expensive since it could even be a free ebook.