During Ester holidays, I usually have a hiking moments to various places. I have be having enjoyable experiences for several years now down the line. My friends have be wondering why I like this hiking moment since they usually complain that hiking sometime is too much tiresome. I gave them tips which I usually follow before going to hiking experience whereby after them adopting this tips , not only did they enjoy hiking but also recommended  that they acquired some healthy benefits. Why don’t you try this tips before going to hike and I assure you will enjoy that experience more so acquire some health benefits.

1. Advance planning

Wise men ones said failure to plan is planning to fail. In general, it can take your body from three weeks to three months to really see a significant improvement in your fitness level and to respond to a change in routine. So if you’ve already booked your trip, you’d best get started now. You need to know the environment that you will be hiking and prepare all the requirement that will be needed during that period.

2. Mental preparation

You need to prepare yourself psychologically so that when you are in a hiking you don’t suffer from the denial of attending it. You need to tell yourself you can make it no matter that obstacle you see ahead of you. Fear is the enemy when it comes to trying something new. Combat it with physical preparation – knowing you’re doing positive things to get your body ready for the trip.

3. Pre-hiking workout

As a hikers, you need to do some exercise prior to the hiking period. This enhance your body to keep fit healthy and ready for hiking. Leg strength is essential for an enjoyable experience. Lunges, squats, and calf-raises are all good exercises you can do at home. Gradually increasing the height of that exercise as you progress.

4. Have a balance diet

Balance diet help you to acquire that health benefits that you need during that hiking experience. This sounds out of topic, but a few minutes spent improving your balance diet can prevent injuries on your trip and give you more stability and energy that you need when you hiking.

5. Have a medical check-up.

Medical check-up prior to hiking is essential in ensuring you are healthy and fit for hiking experience.You can choose to see your medical doctor or consider doing simple medical check at comfort of your home such as urinalysis test using urinalysis test strips to monitor urinary track infection. This will help you keep at bay any illness that may arise while you are hiking. This eliminate doubt of getting sick and alert you when new infection infects you.