There’s nothing in this life that gives us the same satisfaction as when we are happy with where we stand, who we interact with and the quality of the relationships we’ve built with the outer world. If you break up your day into segments, you’ll realize there are a number of roles you play on a daily basis – both consciously and unconsciously – each of which is either adding or taking away the happiness out of your life. And what happens when we get home? We take the bra off (or pants, sure!) and we, just, are. No roles, no nothing. Just happiness and the absolute feeling of relaxation – or that’s the way it should be, at least.

Our homes should be an extension of our personalities, the nook we return to and our safe place. The way we decorate the space, what we do within the walls, how we feel while we look at the certain objects around the house not only influences our overall outlook on life but it affects our daily productivity and shapes our mood. By altering things we don’t like in our home, we’re consciously taking action towards bettering our lives and feeling positive and happy every day.

Here are just a few ideas you can rely on to boost the positive energy in your home and help you feel wonderful.

Keep things neat

From banal things like making the bed every morning and putting your clothes back into the closet to bigger stuff like keeping the space clear of dust bunnies, scattered cushions, dead plants, filthy floors and dirty windows – it all counts. Make an effort to keep things in order so that they don’t clutter your space and prevent the good energy from flowing around, or visually disturb the space. Although creative chaos does work for some individuals, there are studies which suggest that clutter potentially causes anxiety, making us feel overwhelmed, negative and helpless. So, make your bed, keep things in order and let the positivity overtake.

Display sentimental/meaningful/beautiful items around your home

One of the easiest ways to turn your home into a gallery of positive vibes is displaying items that are dear to your heart, the items that evoke positive feelings and memories. In displaying them, you are creating a cycle of enjoyment: each time you look at those objects/elements, you’ll remember the happiness behind them and automatically get overwhelmed with positive emotions. For instance, photographs from your favorite travels, road trip maps of places you plan to visit, your grandmother’s chair, a mirror your best friend bought you – anything that’s got sentimental value and looks beautiful – should be at your eye’s reach.

Invite nature into your home

Flowers and plants have an incredibly beautiful power to turn even the dullest-looking spaces into gorgeous ambiances, which is why you should immediately include a few pots into the rooms you spend the most time in. If you are lucky, you’ve got a lot of natural light flowing into your home, which adds to the feel of “nature” inside. Install a gorgeous vertical garden on your balcony or in the yard, put vases of fresh flowers around the house (or, if that’s too expensive or complicated, opt for green pots), remove the curtains and let that wonderful energy rule.

Start a one-line-a-day gratitude journal

Remember this: a single thought can change your entire day, your week, your life! Thoughts are mutually interlinked by reason and the energy behind them, meaning – if a single thought you think of is positive, the next one will be positive, too; if that same thought is negative, the next one will be negative. And the next one… and the next one.

To keep things vibing positively in your home, think positive thoughts before you go to bed and when you wake up. Before you go to bed, either write down or think of one happy thing that happened that day. Reflecting on a single positive thing every day will help you get into a positive mindset, further cultivating gratitude and thankfulness. When you start feeling blessed for everything that you (don’t) have, your entire life will change for the better. Going to bed with a positive thought in mind will have you wake up in a great mood, too. You can also start practicing a morning mantra: when you wake up, instead of being grumpy about the alarm clock or for having to leave your bed on a rainy day, put a smile on your face and either remember that wonderful thing from yesterday or set a positive mission for the day. And – when YOU feel happy, everyone in your home will feel it, too.

Do small favors for your housemates…

…and expect nothing in return! Whether you are living with your family, your partner or roommates, look to make their days wonderful by doing something you know would make them happy. From making them coffee in the morning, sneaking their favorite candy bar into their bag, and making their bed to preparing food – do things just because. In making them feel loved, you’ll feel the love too and the atmosphere in your home will be phenomenal!

Isn’t it brilliant that just a few tweaks here and there could benefit your whole life? We believe it is!