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There’s a way to reach your goals while enjoying the journey that really works and doesn’t require big dramatic changes in your life, which is the stumbling block for most people. Success in achieving your goals is all about bite size, doable changes that create a big impact and build a strong foundation to work from.

Conscious Breathing – head to heart breathing

Using this simple breathing method can get you out of fear and bring your head and heart into alignment straight away. This one is really great for the over thinker, it pulls them right out of their head and into a more centered place.

When you breath in fill your heart with all the energy of your breath and when you breath out move the energy of the breath to your head.

If you start the day with just five minutes of this conscious breathing you start the day with bringing your head and heart into alignment.

Or you could use it as part of your daily walk and you;ll find that thoughts that filled your head disappear and you are more aware of your surroundings.

Start the day with a smile

How we start the day is important and will affect your entire day. Make the first thing you do every morning when you wake be a great big smile. You will notice what I difference it makes to your mood straight away and your day.

Take your time – what’s the hurry?

We’re all busy trying to fast track everything. It just makes me exhausted thinking about it. What’s the point in burning yourself out life that and most likely not even achieving what you were hoping to? This year change your approach and set your intention to be that you will work on achieving your desired outcome. “I will work on losing weight, having more confidence, being more present, attracting the right job/beloved/friends”

Let go of the time frame and just simply work on it everyday. Doesn’t that feel lighter and easier when you think about it that way?

Let’s look at it another way – It will happen when it is supposed to happen. Take the pressure and expectation off and you’ll feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders.

Expectations only set us up for failure and disappointment. Let’s change that and just work on reaching your desired outcome everyday. What will happen when you do that is you will actually start to enjoy reaching it. You will notice the little achievements everyday that you are making.

When you work with bite size goals you let go of the angst of reaching this giant goal and are one step closer to the big goal. It’s much more achievable.

If your goal is to exercise everyday, maybe start with a short walk. Then the next day go a bit further. You might even want to run for a small part of it but don’t tell yourself that you have to run the whole way. Go at your own pace. This way you’ll enjoy it more and let go of the pressure and expectations. What’s the point of doing something if you aren’t enjoying it and that’s usually why people stop doing something cause it stops being fun. If you relax with it and do what feels right for you it stops being about the goal and is more about something that makes you feel good.

Allow yourself to achieve your daily and big goals

We can become so focused on our goals that we don’t notice the daily steps we take to get there. Deep down we have reasons that are secretly keeping your bad habits in place.

You could sit there and analyze what they all are and play situations and thoughts over and over or you could just make a choice to allow yourself to achieve your dreams and the reasons will just fall away. Better still, ask for all the reasons to fall away and they will.

Our thoughts are really powerful we can choice to play things in our minds and keep us stuck or we can choice to let it all go and it will. It’s that simple and no magic is required, just a change your choices.

Adjust your posture to bring your body structure into alignment

To change our foundation and structure in life we need to all at all aspects to get it right. This includes our posture.

Try this… stand however you naturally stand. Notice if you feel any tension or pain anywhere in your body. Now turn your feet to be facing the front and shoulder width apart and ever so slightly bend your knees. Now notice how your body feels. Does it reduce the tension and pain?

If you remind yourself as often as you can to stand with correct posture your structure will be realigned in no time. It may feel strange to stand like this for a while but keep it up to make sure you break the habit.

Structure creates a foundation to work from. We all know that if a building doesn’t have a strong foundation it will collapse. And so to will our lives. If we add in bite size changes like starting the day with a smile and conscious breathing when going for a walk and standing with our body in alignment we are choosing to bring coherence into our lives. This makes it much easier to navigate our lives and be a little bit more present and mindful everyday and sets us up by giving us more strength in our lives and coherence opening us up to actually achieving our dreams and goals.