Everyone feels so “crazy busy” now – I know that you don’t need more to-do’s. And while I’d love for you to eat well this Thanksgiving, most importantly, I want you to ENJOY the day.

So instead, here are 5 tips to eat healthy on Thanksgiving, without feeling deprived, as I told to CNN’s Headline News this morning. (Watch the video for how to do each and WHY!)

(1) Keep your “back to the buffet” (It’s true. Studies show that if we cannot see a food, we eat up to 50% less. Monkey see, monkey eat)

(2) If food is served at the table, make sure that those foods that you JustCannotResist are out of reach, so that you can’t just “have just a teensy bit more”. (No No No. Pass that extra buttery dish of stuffing to sit in front of Aunt Mae).

(3) Do NOT (I repeat do NOT) say “Oh, I’ll have just a little bit of everything” that totally backfires.

(4) Find your Flavor Satiety Point – learn to look for and recognize it, and you’ll never have to diet again. (watch the video for how to recognize this)

(5) Size down on plate-size when you go for 2nd’s!

Because all it takes are tiny, strategic changes, to end the “Crazy Busy” and take back control of your health – and your sanity.

And remember, You’ve GOT this.

Happy turkey day! Dr. Darria

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