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A job search can sometimes be tedious and time-consuming unless you are one of the lucky few who work in a high-demand career. However, for the rest, certain proactive strategies make the job search a bit easier. Most of you must be using LinkedIn to find your dream job. Yes, because this platform is an invaluable social network for both job-hunters and seasoned professionals where recruiters post their requirements to find candidates with the perfect mix of skills.

The right LinkedIn profile boosts your visibility, improves your web presence and strengthens your professional brand. Yet, many job seekers don’t maximize LinkedIn and as a result not able to find the right job.

Don’t worry; Resume Writing Services such as itouch professional solutions can help. They offer tips to improve your job search using LinkedIn strategies and can even re-write your LinkedIn Profile

Have a Complete and Updates on your LinkedIn Profile

This is obvious, the more complete your LinkedIn profile, the greater your chances of being found and contacted by the employer. Use LinkedIn profile like a resume and provide detailed information about your skills and experiences. Create a catchy headline with a detailed summary, including a professional photo. Also, don’t forget to add links to your professional website or online portfolio and add your recent professional photo as well. In addition to this, list your email address and phone number prominently so that recruiters can reach out to you.

Connect with People through LinkedIn

The more connections you have in LinkedIn the better your chances of finding someone to help you land your dream job. Employers often look for referrals from their employees to fill up an open position. So, if someone who is employed at the company or has connections through LinkedIn may well refer you as an applicant.  While you would want to connect with the maximum number of connections, ensure you only connect with people you know through the platform, or to whom you plan to reach out. The goal is to maintain and establish relationships.

Get Visual on LinkedIn

In the Instagram age, people respond well to visual content, so whenever possible make your LinkedIn profile more visual. For instance, you have won awards or have impressive degrees or certifications, post photos, rather than simply listing them in text. If you have given a well-received presentation, post it on Slide Share and add it to your profile.

Participate in Groups and Posting Status Updates

If you want to get that job you have been eyeing for, you need to participate in groups and post status updates. Also, organizations do the same to source employees. So, it is advised you should regularly interact and participate in groups to get recruited. Being an active participant you get noticed and have more chances to be recruited.

Many people start living under stress due to the stress of not getting jobs. Most people do not focus much on their résumé which plays an important role in their new job, this can attract the attention of companies by their professional resume. Professionals are well aware of this and hence they are easily hired by any major organizations. Therefore, by using all these tips, you can prepare an excellent and attractive resume for yourself and move towards stress-free joining.

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for job search and hopes these tips help you find the job you are looking for. However, if you want to have an enticing LinkedIn profile, then hiring professional LinkedIn profiling like the itouch would be beneficial. Try them today and have a better LinkedIn profile to grab that opportunity.


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