Why do we consider work a burden instead of enjoying it?

Most of us do not admit it, but the main reason why we do not feel energetic and productive at work is our addiction to social media. Instead of getting proper sleep, we spend our time scrolling through Facebook, Instagram etc. and end up losing time to sleep. After that, in the morning, as soon as we turn on our PC, we spend at least 30 mins scrolling our social media accounts instead of starting work right away –  and this cycle continues every day. Apart from this, some of us are greatly influenced by our seniors in terms of what they eat, how they behave and how they handle work – without thinking even once about whether their way is the right way or not.

In this article, we will talk about some tips that will increase productivity and positively affect your daily performance at work…

So how can we increase our productivity?

  • Take a break after every one hour
  • According to research, every individual must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water during the day. You might be thinking how this is related to our productivity level – well, sometimes, because of the workload, we forget to even drink a glass of water. This leads to dehydration which makes us feel lethargic while working. As a result, we cannot focus on work and end up doing only half of the work we initially planned to do.

    Apart from this, if you have a job which requires you to sit in front of a PC all day, then this is for you: our body needs constant movement in order to be active. When we keep sitting in the same position, we eventually start feeling lazy.

    The best way to prevent both of these problems is to take a short break after every 1 hour. During this break, drink and a glass of water and walk around a bit to prevent yourself from feeling tired.

  • Organise your work
  • Most of us do not have the habit to plan our day (even I am guilty of doing this!). As a result, we are not able to achieve even half of our goals for the day.

    Research suggests that making a schedule greatly improves your productivity. If you start off your day by making a to-do list, you are able to prioritise your work and thus, achieve your goals much more easily.

    If you log in to your account and find tons of emails, instead of reading all of them, mark those which are important and start by reading them. This way you’ll know what you have to focus on for the day. In the end, if you’re left with some time, you can read the other ones too. For this purpose, you can use several email marketing tools and extensions – which mark the important emails based on specific keywords.

  • Avoid consuming unhealthy food and drinks
  • This is something most of us are guilty of doing. While working, we like to munch on our favourite snack i.e. chips, biscuits, etc and have soda drinks. Although this habit may seem completely harmless, it can have a detrimental effect on our productivity level.

    It is proven that an unhealthy diet leads to laziness and low levels of productivity. Therefore, we must avoid all unhealthy foods and drinks especially during work. It is really hard to resist when your colleague offers you snacks and greasy food, but you must remain determined and not let these hurdles get in your way. If you can’t get rid of your munching habit, then prepare or order some healthy snacks for yourself such as a salad.

    Fitness and a high productivity level cannot be achieved in a day. It requires a lot of time and effort but if you’re determined, you’ll eventually get there.