“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi

Being a part of the merciless, narcissistic and sadistic world, it seems that joy and compassion do no longer exist. Dominance rules over that nobody cares of others’ feelings. Self-interest drives everyone craze that no human treats the other as human and money become so important that the value of life turns to nothing.

Keeping aside all self-interests and desires, you will feel lonely despite having everyone around you. Why do you feel empty when you have everything – family, money and luxury? Why does your soul cringe when you ask yourself “are you happy”? Why does not a smile always make you happy? Is there anything you need to be related? Yes, that is a joy. You cannot see it in this materialistic world as it resides in you. It will not find you as you will have to find it. It does not matter how cruel the world is as you can live life with joy and compassion by following these ways:

Be kind

Does it sound very simple? Well, it is not that easy as you may think. Nature is some traits that you are born with, but character is what you develop. If you opt for good habits, you become a nice person and if you opt for bad habits, you become a bad person. This is your character that enhances your nature. Why not try to be humble even if it is not a part of your nature? It is your habit that is making far difficult to get joy in your life.

Dominance and cruelty can help you get everything, but not joy and satisfaction, the most important thing about a good life. If you lose your rag easily, work on it. Try to control your wrath, take a swig of cold water and hold your breath to control your anxiety. You will find a wave of indignation disappeared, leaving you relaxed and calm. To err is human, and if somebody has made a mistake, you should pardon it and move on. Make it a part of your habit. With a positive outlook, you are likely to stay released from negative energies.

Find out pleasure-seeking activities or check out some songs lyrics. Do something nice for the needy. When you help somebody, you feel ecstatic, positive and motivated. Your good does not need to be of undue level. Even a small proportion of your help, for instance, holding a door for a mother struggling with a pram, can have a positive impact on the life of the needy and yours. You just have to take out a few moments, but they will add up your happiness.

Do not overly emphasise money

Money has become a matter of life or death. Many people think that they can stay happy as long as they have money. Undoubtedly, money is essential to fulfil basic needs of life, but it does not mean that you will earn it at the cost of your health. Always remember that money can buy material things but cannot true happiness. If you are earning just to keep up with Joneses, you are going far from the state of satisfaction. You will always be anxious thinking that your friend has a luxury car but you do not have.

Sometimes a poor financial condition also encourages you to work hard to make money. For instance, you may be struggling to pay off your debt or you may need money for a big expense. Of course, in this situation, you cannot neglect the need to finding side gigs to earn more. In fact, you should quickly find ways to get out of financial problems, for instance, generating a rental income source, freelancing or a part-time job, taking out no credit check loans for bad credit to finance unexpected expenses.


Donation also paves the way for attainment of satisfaction and joy. If you have a passion to support others, you will find numerous options for charities. You can support veterans, hospitals, NGOs, animal care centres etc. Donation makes you feel completely satisfied. You will feel joyous when you help somebody. You do not need to make a very big donation. Even a small amount will serve you at the same level of exultation as big charity.

Do not bury your excitement

Life is not static; not all days are alike throughout your life. You will see cheerful as well as sad phases. Everybody live depressing moments when you are to accumulate all of your strength to withstand negative circumstances. Do not let negative energies sadden you. Try to uplift your mood. Visit your friend’s house or call him at your place who quickly lightens up your mood. If you have a dog, spend some time with it. If you have nobody to share your feelings, just fake it. Feel like you are happy unless you feel it genuinely.

In the nutshell, the best way to live life with full of joy is to accept your reality and live it.