Identify what stresses us

What causes you the most stress? According to the American Psychological Association, identifying which situations create the most stress for us is essential to be able to combat it. An ideal way to do this is to write down our thoughts and reactions to everyday situations on the agenda (for example, if you ended up raising your voice in a personal or work discussion). Finding patterns between what stresses us and what cannot help us to know how to combat it or how to react to them in drafting services.

React positively

Many people struggle with stress by gorging themselves on fast food or even alcohol to get some peace and quiet in the face of stress. Well, the American Psychological Association recommends combating it with healthier options such as exercise, either at a calmer level such as yoga or a more intense level such as spinning or aerobics. Another way to fight daily stress is to take time to do the things we like the most, such as reading a book, watching a movie, or spending time playing video games.

Put limits

The American Psychological Association states that establishing limits between personal and work life is very necessary. Current technology gives us the possibility of being available to both, 24 hours a day and that can only create anguish and stress. Setting limits such as not checking work email from home or putting the phone on silent after a certain time will help us combat stress caused by work.


The effects of stress and work stress will only put obstacles in the performance of our work; therefore, according to the American Psychological Association, it is necessary to take time to rest. “Disconnecting” from work when we are out of the office is an essential requirement so that our stress does not become chronic and so that we perform much better at work.

Take five minutes

We all have a critical hit point where we simply collapse. Work stress can make us feel like we are losing control of the situation and cause our minds to lock up and we can’t react as we should. Before reaching that limit, it is preferable to stop for five minutes and try to get back at the helm.

Recover the illusion for work

When you start a new job that internal illusion usually arises from the excitement of starting something new and the uncertainty of what will happen. Being able to recover those first sensations, to relive them, will ensure that going to work does not become an ordeal and that stress is reduced or softened. It may be through improving relationships with colleagues, feeling comfortable in the workplace, or through a rediscovery of lost passion. The important thing is to find that spark that still shines.

Work to live, not live to work

As much as the new models of society prioritize and spread the idea that working more leads to a better future , the truth is that at the end of the day we are still human beings and we have our limitations . Work, to be carried out in a healthy framework, must be a tool to earn a living but not the center of it.