Working from home is different as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Amidst the changes and disruption levels, one should focus on maintaining their mental and physical health. Stay aware of your relationships with your colleagues, friends, and families to make your professional and personal life more manageable, less stressful, and depressing.

David JC cutler: an Advocate of Digital Breaks

Since most of our work is computer-based, try to take a digital break from your gadgets. Even though it is easier said than done, you can try to take regular short intervals from your system. Several people complain about eye strain and visibility damage due to prolonged exposure to the computers’ rays. Therefore, opt for a walk in the garden or take a tea break to keep the stress away.

Try to Stay Healthy

When our regular routines disrupt, staying healthy becomes a difficult task. Many start to face the pressures of working from home. Feeling anxious about all aspects is a part of such pressures that uproot from the daily routine disruption. Also, getting worried about each one’s health and that of the family members and loved ones can appear as a hurdle on the journey to maintain your wellbeing. David JC cutler suggests that one should try to eat well, maintain good sleep health, and moderate stress eating and alcohol consumption to feel less anxious about the disruption and sustainably cope with the system’s changes.

Opting for Outside Physical Activity

A person is a social being and needs to interact with other people to maintain their functionality levels. With the isolation and social distancing norms in place, some people are away from their families. Such circumstances call for keeping oneself preoccupied and mindful about the current situation. In light of this, a person can incorporate exercises into their daily routines. You need not do a high-end gym session, but a brisk walk, coupled with a few cardio exercises, can do the trick.

A walk can expose you to natural light and can, in turn, help to regulate your sleep patterns. With the increasing trend of binge-watching shows and movies, one needs to essentially focus on attaining a good night’s sleep to keep themselves stress-free.

Apart from staying physically fit, the main aim of such exercises is to keep your mental health in place. Exercising at home is fine, but going out and watching nature and your outer surroundings can create a sense of a stress-free environment.

Check-in With Your Colleagues

Since you are working from home, checking on your loved ones by taking a break or two is essential. Take a short interval of five minutes and touch base with people in the house. If you stay alone, give your loved ones a call to stay connected during the crisis.

Although one can face multiple issues related to working from home, the goal is to create sustainable thinking levels to stay healthy and fit. You can develop creative solutions to work for yourself and your colleagues to remain receptive and understand the work-life balance.