Whenever I think about the little things that I have achieved and start getting feelings of being unsuccessful, I look back at how I almost faced the west in a grisly road accident. You see I lost a friend in the accident but I am glad that I am still alive and so I can continue struggling in life.

At one time, I found out that I was almost battling with mental depression and some friend had to counsel me out.

Since the coming of the Covid 19 pandemic, the world all over has had numerous cases of people breaking down with mental illnesses, hurting themselves, doing unmentionable things and even committing suicide. It is high time that we all minded about how well we are doing psychologically while at the same time minding other people in our social circles. But rather than go to extremes, we need to know the tell-tale signs of mental pressure and nip things in the bud.

When things are thick in the the thin and you really feel that your head is about to explode, it is high time that you looked for ways to unwind. Once you unwind, you will be in a position to get back to your life afresh and with new vigour.

Here are just a few ways that you could unwind:

Have a circle of friends to chill out with

Rather than moving from one official meeting to the other or attending all forms of family gatherings where you feel stressed out all day, you need to think of having a group of friends whom you can goof off without worrying about anything. With these friends, you do not have to worry about making impressions or standing out. Here you are not discussing your next business venture or how good your house is built. No, you are just goofing off and enjoying life. Telling jokes and having fun at life.

Go out and forget your busy schedules and just enjoy life

At times, it is good to leave your work, family and all that matters to you so that you can go to a secluded and quiet place and just relax. Unwind. Feel the air cruising through your body and treat yourself like royalty. One awesome place that I have found is the F├╝ssen Hotel where you get royal treatment. Here you will dine and wine with the most important people in the world. You will forget all your worries as you enjoy the sumptuous meals and drinks.

Waiters and bell boys will be at your beck and call. You will enjoy spending your hard-earned money

Meditate about life

Once in a while, you need to meditate and think through life. Appreciate the much that you have achieved and even if it looks miniature, just be grateful that you are alive.