Originated from China, Coronavirus has today become a global pandemic after causing the number of casualties and millions of infected people. The outbreak of coronavirus has made an adverse impact on businesses and thus, the global economy, which is going through a roller coaster phase.

The continuous rising cases of COVID-19 adversely impacted on the operation of businesses and compelled them to choose work remotely. Today, many organizations allowed their employees to work from home (WFH) to maintain the continuity of their operations.

So, do you think working from home is a viable option for your organization? Do you find your employees are working at the same pace and deliver the same productivity as working in your office premise?

Well, your answer would be no. Though WFH has been drawing the sense of most employees, it has never been in practice before this pandemic. In other words, the reality is that people find it difficult to work efficiently while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Let’s discuss here various crucial tips to work from home while maintaining efficiency and higher productivity.

Make the Right Selection of Work Area

While talking about tips to work from home, it’s good to start from none other than choosing the work area. It’s something that creates a good impact on your productivity. It’s good to find the work area that lets you feel relaxed and helps you focus on your work.

Once you choose the area, you should decorate it similar to your office space. For instance, you can decorate the wall with whiteboard, motivational posters, images, etc. It’s advisable to buy an office chair and desk to work rather than lying on your bed and keeping the laptop on your thigh.

Be in Formal Gate Up while Working

The majority of employees find it quite tough to concentrate on their work while working from home due to a casual atmosphere. Though they make themselves engaged with their official work, they find it hard to match the expectation level of their employers in terms of productivity.

So, they need to first focus on creating a feeling like working in the office. And for this, dressing sense, of course, matters the most. Wearing your official dress even while working from home lets you feel you are working in the office premise. It helps you focus on your work and thus, you can work outstandingly to meet the expectation level of your employer even while working from home.

Maintain Work Routine

Though you are not sitting next to your boss while working from home, it doesn’t mean that you are not accountable for completing your working hour. Keep eyes on the received mail, messages, etc. and reply accordingly.

Be it a tea break, or lunch break, you should always try to finish it within the allotted time. Once you completed the allotted hours for tea or lunch break, get on your desk, and resume your work. In other words, you should strictly adhere to the working hour and try to complete the assigned works with perfection.

Organize your Daily Work

Well, it’s a good idea to organize your daily work with the help of an excel sheet. You can create an excel sheet while mentioning your daily task and try to complete it at the end of the day. Also, mention the completed activities of the previous day. It will give you an idea in terms of what you need to cover the next day.

Maintaining an excel sheet with your day-to-day activities will help you in achieving your business goal and thus, you will be able to deliver the assigned work within the specified time frame.

Never Mix your Professional Life with Personal Life

While working from home, people quite often get engaged in their activities as well. For instance, most of the people prefer to cook while performing their official job. It’s advisable to avoid it as much as possible. As it tends to distract you and thus prevents you from completing your official task.


Working from home has been a much-debated topic for a long year. But, it came into practice to a large scale after the outbreak of COVID-19, which created the whole world standstill. Though most of the organizations adopted work from home, they face quite a difficulty to manage their employees and thus operations. The above tips will help them to get the desired outcomes.