Gone are the days when people stick with one company throughout their life. Today as people are getting more educated they want to explore more options. People want to work at a more higher post. That’s why today workers switch jobs frequently.

Job Switching is totally a person’s own choice, but many hiring managers don’t like to hire job hoppers. If you switch jobs frequently within a span of 3 to 6 months then you might be labelled as a job hopper. Below are some tips mentioned on how you can avoid the job hopper label and make your resume look strong.

Why Companies Avoid Job Hoppers:

Companies don’t look to hire job hoppers because they don’t want their time to get wasted. Hiring managers think that they should not waste their time and money on developing a candidate who might leave us anytime.

Tom Lovett, president and senior partner of Lovett and Lovett Executive Search in Dayton, Ohio, says job hopping may be a sign of poor interpersonal skills and lack of performance.

To secure your interview seat you should follow the following tips:

1) Create A Strong Summary:

The first thing on the top of your resume is your summary. Your summary contains about you and your objective. Try to outline your experience and use sentences like “looking for a long-term position where I can grow”.

So the stronger your summary the more chances you have to get to the interview seat.

2) Don’t List Out All Experiences:

If you have worked at one job for 2 years, next for 2 months, next for 2 years—It is still acceptable. However, it is not necessary that you put your 2 months of job experience in your resume if you have more experience in total.

3) Indicate That Hopping Was Involuntary:

Different jobs have different conditions. Try to explain why your job was changed? Was it contract-based? or did the company shut off?

Don’t show that you switched the job because of money, as it creates a negative impact in the mind of the employer.

4) Don’t Add The Months:

Try to not add the months or dates. Instead, just mention the year. Like if you worked from October 2016 to January 2017. Mention it like 2016-2017. Using years also allows you to leave out short stints that may raise eyebrows.

5) List down your rewards/ Achievements or contributions:

The job hopper label is considered bad because a company spends too much and in return gets nothing. If you were at a job for only a year but you made some remarkable contribution list that up. Also if you received any reward for soft skills like time-management etc, list those also. This will put the recruiter focus on your achievements and your soft skills more and it will increase your interview chances as recruiters focus on soft skills more.

6) Create A Hybrid Resume:

Create a hybrid resume i.e. Both functional and chronological. A hybrid resume will explain your personality more clearly as it has employee history listed chronologically and also highlights your accomplishments and qualifications.

7) Get Your Work Done By a Professional Resume Writer:

Try not to write your resume yourself as you might be not professional in writing a resume. Hire a resume writer or take resume writing services online. These online services have got quite heavy prices.


Following the above tips, you can easily secure an interview seat even if you are a job hopper.