Rather or not you’re into exchanging gifts, no one wants the crappy gift that was given without thoughtfulness. In many gift exchange scenarios, participants find themselves utterly pissed off that a relative, friend or co-worker had the audacity to re-gift, or wrap and deliver a gift that they would not want if on the receiving end!

As a visual communications entrepreneur my days are often hectic, like many business owners. The energy may be positive and the rewards often outweigh the negatives. No matter how many tasks have been shared or outsourced, wearing different hats may involve countless hours of focused effort. Many times these efforts will work out as planned, while other times Murphy’s Law comes into play, “Anything that can go wrong…” actually does! We have all been guilty, countless times of getting through the year, feeling gratitude, yet neglecting to say, “Thank you” at the year’s end, because we were busy or viewed gift giving as unimportant.

Start today, by implementing an annual or bi-annual ritual to acknowledge clients, individuals and companies in your business’ sphere who have made contributions in their effort, time or played a role – big or small, throughout the year so far. Perhaps there was an irate customer (or two) who was unhappy with services rendered. Now could be the time to send a peace offering, rather or not they remained a customer for that year. Why? Kind gestures can make a huge impact in someone’s day.  

5 Frugal Ways to Show Gratitude Through Giving

1. Create a single video or a 3-part video series, saying thank you. It can be simple, done with a cell phone or tablet and upload it to the company website or social media account and email the link.

2. This may sound a bit like something from ancient times: Pick up the telephone for a live/personal connection to verbally and maybe festively say, “Thank You”.

3. Give current and potential clients customized gift cards for services offered on behalf of your company.

4. A simple card with a word of Thanks, is a great way to express congratulations.

5. Donate to a favorite charity on behalf of selected vendors and clients.

Remember, physical cards are great and eCards work well too!