Today I want to give you a few tips on creating a festive vibe in your work space or business. Or more specifically, how to make your clients know they are important for your business in a nice and festive way.

Like it or not, this holiday season, with all its celebrations, the gatherings, the meals, the gifts, the decor…has an effect on our mood, our energy levels (it is common to feel exhausted, isn´t it?) and to be honest, on our pockets too!

To make things easy on you, I have made a list of thoughtful details you can offer your clients or customers to show appreciation.

Step into their shoes (preferably if they are gorgeous and comfortable) -wouldn’t you like someone to be thoughtful towards you and to show you how important you are for them and their business?

The secret to being a good host is the ability of making your guests, in this case your clients, feel important, at ease , valued and comfortable.

So here comes “pampering season”!

The Holiday season, no matter what you are celebrating is a great opportunity to create special bonds with your clients/customers.

As a specialist in business style and etiquette, I love the possibilities this season offers (as you can imagine!). 
Among other possibilities, here´s a few things you can do to make the most of this season:

  • Gifting:

Send them baskets filled with products, samples , even plants. Add a nice personal, hand written (please, this is a must) card.

Even if you can only afford to send something small, send a card, if you can spend a little more a card and a note pad (with your business logo), a card and some sweets or chocolates. Why not a mug? This is a great gift, it will remind them of your business every time they use it. Stationery is usually a good idea, because not only people love if but it is something we all use in our daily lives, so the reminder will be constantly in sight.

Give a thoughtful favour.
  • Show them how important they are for your business:

I personally love this kind of showing appreciation.

Write a case study ,a story or a blog post about your most special customers. Explain your relationship, how you started working together, how that friendship has evolved over time…Not only will you be valuing your customer or client, you will be giving potential customers an insight on how you do things in your business.

I am very fortunate that I can even name some of my designs after special customers.

  • Make them feel cheerful and cosy in your premises :

Decorate using your business colours and style, they will immediately feel welcome.

Offer them a hot drink as soon as they enter, maybe accompanied by some sweet treats. If they have to wait to be served, this will make it a sweet wait!

I you are in a warm climate, you might want to switch the hot drink for some refreshing juice.

Welcome visitors with decorations in your business colours
  • Be generous:

In business it is usually so imperative to make bank that generosity is overlooked. Do not make that mistake. It is much more difficult to get a new client that to care for the ones you already have.

In my opinion, loyalty is a virtue we should truly appreciate in everybody , not just clients. Loyal clients are so much more than clients, they often become your best brand ambassadors. Take care of them and they will be at your side forever.

So, how can you be generous towards them? This depends on your business model, I personally don´t like discounting , I´d rather up grade, give a bonus or gift to my most loyal customers. You can offer them a free service, free shipping (if you sell physical products), luxury wrapping service, a cross-selling gift (if you sell more than one type of product or brand, give them a taster of the other products they can also buy from you).

  • Events:

Find a nice venue or if your location is convenient, organise an in-house event or a pop up event to celebrate with your clients and customers. It needn´t be too costly, you only need some drinks and a few appetisers. Make sure you greet everybody as soon as they come in and make them feel comfortable, offer them a drink, introduce them to other people and do not stay with one group or person, those invited are important to your business, make sure they feel it.

Depending on your budget, your business, your type of service, it should be more or less formal. For instance, if you run a garage and your clients always see you in jeans and very laid back, don´t set up a black tie event or your customers won´t feel at ease. However, if you are in the luxury industry, make sure every little detail is perfect. High quality linens and glasses, exquisite food, etc.

Events help build strong relationships with customers.

You will become memorable in their minds and they will want to come back again and again to get that VIP treatment.

Honestly, don´t overlook this huge opportunity.

If you are stuck for ideas or don´t know how to carry them out, just comment below.

Now, I would really like to know:
-Do you pamper your clients during the holiday season?
-If so, in what ways?

Please comment below and let me know.

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