Photo Credit: Unsplash

It is the season of giving and here are 7 ways you can give back to the community during this season. Acts of Kindness and Service are a great way to share gratitude during this holiday season. 

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen:

Soup Kitchens are a great place to give back to the community. You have the opportunity to build relationships and connect with people without stereotypes and prejudices. It is a place where your encouragement and support are much appreciated and needed. 

Volunteer at Your Local Nursing Home

Your local Nursing Home is a great way to use your time to put a smile on a resident who may be lonely and appreciate your company. You can set up a time to interact with the residents and coordinate an activity. 

Donate Your Blood:

If your health allows it, giving blood is a quick and easy way to help others in need. It is a very noble act of kindness because it saves lives. Blood is always needed and donating your blood is a great way to help those who can benefit from it tremendously. 

Volunteering at an Animal Shelter:

Help is always needed at animal shelters. Contact your local animal shelter and set up a time to volunteer. If you’re an animal lover, nothing is better than being surrounded by animals. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the animals. 

Getting involved in your local Charity Organizations:

There are many community charity organizations looking for volunteers. Contact your local church or Center of Spiritual Congregration and become a volunteer. Research the ones in your community and become a part of a charity that resonates with you. 

Local Libraries:

If you’re into books, volunteering at the local library is a great way to give back to the community. Take it a step further and ask if you can be a part of a program to read a book during storytime and involve yourself in library related projects.

Interacting with your Neighbors:

A great act of kindness is interacting with your neighbors. Throughout the year, you may not have the time but during this season you can share treats and hand deliver them. Get creative and set up a time to provide a meal or a service such as babysitting or dog sitting.