The challenges vary for each of us, to imagine what life will be as we emerge from quarantine. We have passed through various phases; fear, reaction, acceptance, adjustment. Are we ready to pivot to a new life? If we race in place, are we preparing or are we losing a rare opportunity to rest and renew? The answer is personal.

Look to the earth; she has been resting and her skies and waters have cleared. The green of spring seems more brilliant. Observe the birds, they flit and fly with a bit more electric urgency. At the beach, the Piping Plovers stand together and await the crashing waves. Is it just to feel the salty spray?  Another day, a calm sea brought a seal to shore to lay in the sun, yawning, rolling, and sleeping. I remind myself to ride with the current, rather than attempt to swim upstream, to what has already passed. In this uncertainty, the winds are likely to shift several times, causing drifts to rise and blow away.

Perhaps we will collectively decide to ride on in the wind, sails trimmed and head for a shore where new opportunities await, where we will take the stirrings of our creative thoughts, seeds to a greater prosperity, and plant them in a new world.

Let us trust the universe will give us rain and sun.