There are those sayings of motherhood, whose words remain true. Not only do they reign with truth, but they are backed up and performed with action. These women bring forth a unique aura in reflecting the purpose for mothers to exist. It is through their actions, alone, that we see the power of, mother. Motherhood is a serious responsibility. Over and over, one must prove their title. Prove they are worthy. The tasks and responsibilities are never done. In fact, they never end. Even in death, mother continues. She is always present and visible.

They say fear is overcome with a number of things. Love is one of them. In fact, love is the overcomer of any fear we have. There is something about the audacity of life, where falsehoods crumble at its very feeling. For some euphoric reason, mother has the power to shake the very chains of evil. Grabbing it by its tail, she twirls it away from anything, and anyone she loves. Mother is all encompassing, all knowing, and all thriving. When her love is centered, there is nothing, which can stop her. Even in death, she protects those she loves. It should be known that not everyone, who gives birth, is a “mother.” Every single day, motherhood is challenged. How a woman steps up to the challenge, defines the level of her character, and persona.

(Photograph From the Facebook Account Of Aisha Nabido/Aisha Hurdens)

I did not socialize with her, and we did not really know each other. How we were acquainted was through the father of her child, a then Ugandan graduate student, who was working on a project (for one semester) that I served as coordinator for, at the American University In Cairo (and a member of what was then known as AUC’s Black Student Association), inside of the Rare Books and Special Collections Archival Libraries. Even as I write this, my mind compels me to reflect if I have even seen her on another occasion-outside of the campus domains.

Sitting outside near one of the water spaces, I remember passing her by. Saying “hello” to her, her gaze was that of skepticism with a hint of annoyance. Nevertheless, she responded with a “hi,” a short wave; while moving to return to her work. It would be the last time, that I would see her.

Yet, interesting enough, her bravery stays on my mind, forever.

(Photograph From the Facebook Account Of Aisha Nabido/Aisha Hurdens; Edits By Lauren Clark)

Her name is Aisha Nabido (Aisha Hurdens), and she is a Ugandan flower. She sacrificed her own life, so that her child would live. For that, she is given the highest of honors in the realm of motherhood. I heard about the stories, and of her final words: “I’m dying. I’m dying,” she relayed. There was not enough blood in her system, nor in the hospital spacing, which housed her. I was not there during her final hour, or last breath. However, they told me what happened.

I can only imagine her thought process, during her final moments. She had a choice! Her blood could be used for her own life, or for her child’s. She chose the latter. In that moment, love overcame any fear of death. As-a-matter fact, a future seedling’s life mattered more on October 18, 2016, at a hospital in the Maadi district of Cairo, Egypt. That very day, where a young, Ugandan flower made her transition.

(Photograph From the Facebook Account of Aisha Nabido/Aisha Hurdens)

Looking through the pictures on her Facebook page, my eyes came across a beautiful smile. A woman, whose images told stories. Stories we will never know.

There was one video, which summarized the final miracle of her life. It’s a famous video of a mother rat, confronting and attacking a snake (a predator), as it tried to steal away her baby. In the real world, the predator should have won. In fact, hypothetically speak, the Mother and baby rat should have scurried away, OR becoming breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the snake. Yet, it is love, which always wins in the end. In fact, love melts away any traces of fear. There is something, which takes over, through love. It is a greater power, than ourselves; proving that roles can be reversed, when Mother’s Love is involved.

Watching this powerful video, I noticed

that the fight of Mother Rat does not stop. Scratching, clawing, and attacking the snake; chasing it until it has crawled far away. Mother Rat didn’t end her struggle, there. Further observation of the video showcases her briefly watching the area; checking to make sure that danger is away from sight. And, once things are safe, mother moves in to check her baby. Holding her in her mouth, while moving in a safer area.

As I imagine the final moments of Aisha Nabido, I envision her in her final fight. Perhaps, death sought to take her child from this world. Perhaps, wicked energy sought to take Madonna and Child, but Mother fought back. As the sacred creature in the video, she fought fiercely, and would not stop until the fight was finished. Using every last breath, and every drop of blood, she was determined for her unborn baby, to experience life’s treasures. She paid the ultimate sacrifice-the ending of her precious life.

I wish, that like Mother Rat, Aisha Nabido had lived to tell about the fight. I guess the Universe had other plans. Perhaps, she did win after all. For she had given life. In this sense she conquered death. And, in the conquest of such a fear, she had truly won. Finding comfort in her own, Motherly Love, death was transformed as a natural process. There was nothing scary about it, at that moment. Through that time. In that space. A final victory in knowing that Mother’s Love triumphs over all. #ForAisha #AishaNabido #AUCNext100

(Photograph Provided From the Facebook Account Of Aisha Nabido/Aisha Hurdens)
(Photograph Provided From the Facebook Account Of Aisha Nabido/Aisha Hurdens)