So I have seen a lot of ‘official statements’ that have ranged from totally diluted to effective and bold. Many though, do their best to appease the #blackcommunity while still toeing the line of actually CALLING OUT racism towards the #blackcommunity in fear (I guess) of not overlooking anyone else. 

And as much as I want to say ‘thank you’ I cannot.

Here’s why. The black community is in NO WAY disregarding the injustices that happen towards others groups within society, but that is not the topic of discussion NOR blatant issue at hand right now.

George Floyd didn’t die because he was poor.  
He didn’t die because he was a man.  
He didn’t die because he may have lived in a poorer part of the city  or because he was working a less paying job. 

George Floyd died because he was black. 

The same is true for:
Ahmad Arbery,
Breonna Taylor,
Philando Castile,
Trayvon Martin,
Sanda Bland,
Eric Garner,
Dreasjon Reeds

Need I go on?…

So when I see a statement that doesn’t ACTUALLY call out the racial injustice towards black people, I still don’t feel as though the establishment is willing to truly face the racism that we are protesting. I don’t think they want to actually SEE me.

(This is like giving us a birthday cake and then saying we must blow out the candles with people who were not actually born on that day)

Other groups may have their issues, but that is not what we are speaking of right now. We, black people, are speaking about racial injustice done to us.

The overt and covert racism done to us.

The years of systemic oppression




So here’s the thing (and I know many of the statements that have been released were with good intentions) – but if you want to come to the party AND wear the T-shirt…

…actually ACKNOWLEDGE whose freedom we are protesting the right to celebrate.