With dwindling faith and lots of fear we boarded the plane to Armenia and arrived very late in a foreign land. That night we prayed on the three stars, went to sleep, and hoped that with the morning light our wish would come true.

By Victoria Azarian

My lovely daughter and the book THREE LITTLE STARS that was inspired by our journey.

While the loving journey to motherhood came with its ups and downs, as time passed, I knew I was being called to adoption from a force greater than myself.  I felt in my soul that my daughter and I were meant to be together. Divine Intervention, Energy, God, Universe, however you choose to identify a force greater than ourselves, is what brought us together. Because love, not biology is what creates a parent-child bond.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive a child, yet every attempt failed. After two rounds of fertility treatments, I was broken. I had given up hope that it would happen. But in a dream, I was told to start the adoption process. I had no idea where to start or who to contact, but I knew, in my soul, that the universe was guiding me. This time I listened to the signs, and through it, guardian angels heard my wish.

I decided to adopt from Armenia, the place of my ancestors. So, I started the process, however, it was slow because of all the laws surrounding international adoption and there are very few children in Armenia for adoption.  It was uncertain if this would ever bring us the child we were so desperately longing for. At this time, my husband and I were living in a high-rise apartment in lower Manhattan. Every night I would go to the roof, high above the city lights and pray on three little stars for a baby of our own. Each star was a representation of us. One for me, one for my husband, and one for our baby that we knew was on her way. The stars were in the shape of a triangle shining brightly in the City sky. One year passed and no babies were born in Armenia that were up for adoption. The 2nd-year passed and still nothing. Yet, every night I continued to pray on the three little stars. Knowing in my soul that one day she would come.

After the 2nd year passed, my father, who is from Armenia, told us to go there and she will come, “she is waiting for you” he said. With dwindling faith and lots of fear, we boarded the plane to Armenia and arrived very late in a foreign land. That night we prayed on the three stars we could still see up in the night sky half a world away, went to sleep, and hoped that with the morning light our wish come true. 

It did, our daughter, Elle Lusine, was born. Our adoption lawyer said, “A little girl was born last night, do you want to meet her?” Of course, we did. We headed up the windy broken roads to the Nork Baby Home in Yerevan, the capital city.  When our eyes met, it felt like we always knew her. Then, we noticed a magical site on our daughter’s back. The same pattern of the 3 stars up in the dark sky, dotted on her tiny pink back. The universe heard our pray. My belief only grew stronger.  Her given name by the adoption agency was “Lusine”, which means “the light” in Armenian.

My hope is that through this tough time with adoptions halted, that my story will give waiting families a ray of light in this dark time. Keep believing my friends. Never give up hope.


Victoria is a creative director, an accidental activist, and a practitioner of intuitive healing. Listening to the whispers of the universe has led her on an amazing journey of personal discovery.

THREE LITTLE STARSlaunching on National Adoption Day, Nov 21, is a magical and true adoption story of my daughter from Armenia, a land far away.  Every night I prayed on 3 little stars in the sky for a baby of our own. The miracle of what happened proved to me that the universe and our guardian angels heard our prayers.

A portion of the proceeds will go to aid the children at the Nork Baby Home in Yerevan, Armenia. 

Availability: Three Little Stars is available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, or on the website at: 3littlestars.us