Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what your feelings are trying to tell you? Think about a time where you may not have spoken up for fear of looking like a fraud. What about the situation made you feel that way? These are the moments when you can start to identify the triggers that derail you?

What situations create moments of ‘less-than’ for you?

For me, it is usually when I am sitting in a meeting or workshop with people who I perceive as being better than me in some way. Perhaps I think they are smarter, more liked, or they seem to always have it all together.

One time when I was much younger, I remember being downright rude to someone because I felt that she was smarter than me. She was a physician’s assistant and I had not even finished college. When I used to feel inferior like this, I would shut down, become tight-lipped to the point of being short with people and I’m sure my facial expressions shared my hidden fears.

When we act in this manner, out of fear, it limits us and in turn feeds our fears. This fear usually emanates out of us in the form of bad energy that pushes people away.

I wrote last time that most of our responses are habit. They have been learned for a reason. Noticing the habit and making a conscious effort to change it is a very big step. I am guessing that some of your worst habits occur when you feel fear as well.

In order to be intentional, you must become a detective to identify the spots where this happens.

Triggers that create inauthentic moments for us are important keys to acting on purpose and being intentional.

Start to notice your triggers where you hold back, shrink or act out of character. This is a powerful moment for you to get back on track. Remember your intention, reset yourself and #BeAuthenticallyYou. Using this type of awareness is like having a superpower. Soon you will be more productive and effective than you could have ever imagined.

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