Brand obsession is evil, you say? Down with this cash-milking, big bad corporation-benefiting Iphones, you say? Don’t be so shallow, use generic stuff, which is cheaper, but still do the job, you say?

Ahem, well… I hereby confess that I do have an Iphone, sue me (though, last time I checked my bank account, it will be a truly futile enterprise). I did go with the flow, brainlessly followed the mass addiction, fell prey to the almighty advertisement and, dreaming of a better camera and some other shiny things, bought myself one (4S, to be precise). While by then having not-so-fancy one already, at that. Ones, even: small, useful, not overly loaded with bells and whistles Alcatel, Motorola and Samsung little gadgets. Talk about shallowness and vanity.

And then it so happened that I had to move house (don’t ask). Which, in turn, happened to be on what is called here “floor minus one” – or, to put it more simply, it’s a borderline basement. Sunk in the ground, half a window looking out at a brick wall (the upper half allowing some sun inside in), what have you.

Yet, guess what? I still needed to have connection with the outside world. Making calls didn’t become thing of the past for me. If anything, with the change of lifestyle this need became even more pressing than before… Only my brand new shiny basement turned out to have other ideas.

All the little sturdy devices I had – all on various networks, mind – gave up on me, one after another. That is, they technically still worked, but could hold no connection whatsoever. The calls got cut in the mid-word, there was no sound even when the gadgets reported “active call” on screen, the “doing-their-job” non-brand little phones virtually pushed me to come out of the house for my calls.

All but one. Yes, you guessed which. That very evil spawn of large corporation, the epitome of shallowness, (not so) big bad Iphone 4S worked fine any time of day, whatever the weather and even in the remotest corners of the basement, a.k.a. flat on the minus-one floor. (Still does, actually).

So, think what your wish of me, I went out with my little decent mobile phones, untainted by big brand, and… no, do not fret, I did not throw them away (though, frankly, there was a temptation). I sold them.

Which, mind you, I never envisioned myself doing, for I am, putting it mildly, inept at selling anything (myself included). I honestly believed they would collect dust somewhere here in the basement forever. But, you never know. When I, purely by chance, came across firm, I learned that even I can make some money out of something – if, that is, somebody makes it as easy and safe for me, as Igotoffer did. I could change my mind at any time, if I wanted to. I did not have to pay for shipment. And, true to their name, they did have an offer, in terms of price – one of the best I saw in the market.

As a result, I am now left with my Iphone and, to make another confession, with a tablet I have been thinking of buying for quite a while now – and on which I spent the money from this little sale. (And yes, this tablet also came with a brand name attached, sorry). So yes, I suppose, little generic stuff has its uses too… if you have something non-generic for a back up, and if there is a not-so-little trusty company to help you out.


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