Photo by Alex Plesovskich on Unsplash

Summer is the season when it’s officially kind-of-okay to take things down a notch. If you turn off your computer an hour earlier than usual to have friends over for a backyard BBQ on a weeknight, I say, good for you. If you skip the gym and take an evening stroll with your sweetie because you can’t be inside for one more minute, I say, excellent choice. And if you decide to ditch your infernal to-do list and replace it with a much more realistic not-to-do list, I say, welcome to the club.

Here’s what I checked off on my “not-to-do list” this week.

Do NOT get a “bikini bod.” Despite my best intentions and half-hearted commitments, I will be flabby and fabulous-enough during my beach vacation. Once again.

Do NOT spark joy in my underwear drawer. I’ve Marie Kondo-ed my undies once before, and I admit it’s nice seeing all my options without digging. But do you know how much work it takes to keep my drawers (pun intended) organized? Just. Too. Much.

Do NOT master Instagram. In the name of a new creative venture (Today I Noticed, in case you’re wondering), I’m determined to understand both the marketing power and the global appeal of Instagram. Thus far, I’m still in the dark about both.

Do NOT get smarter by watching CNN’s “Apollo 11” documentary. If you want to know what happened in the most recent episode of “Jane the Virgin,” however, I’d be happy to fill you in.

Do NOT plan and shop for the week’s meals in one go. An alternate plan is to tell your hungry family, “Look, it’s just dinner. In the scheme of things, it’s not that important. Let’s all try caring a little less about dinner, okay?”

Do NOT get rich and famous by diligently posting articles on various platforms and watching them go viral. Well, hang on. I did earn a whopping four cents from Medium this week, so you never know.

Do NOT keep up with all entirely self-inflicted deadlines. If you get my newsletter, you might have noticed Newsy! arrived a day later than usual. Busted.

Blame it on summer!