What if this year instead of setting a goal around what you can get like money, success, popularity, fame…

Your goal or intention was based on, “what do I already have that I could give?”

The former is about pursuing or attaining a goal for the purpose of then reaching a destination > once I attain ‘this’ I will feel or be ‘that’.

The latter is about connecting to our truth. It’s about living each day BEing happiness, BEing love, BEing abundance > living that which we already are, not striving to achieve it.

It wasn’t until I had a run in with a medical challenge at the end of last year that I really got this concept and changed my goal/intention not just for 2018 but until the end of my time.

My intention from sharing my journey with others this year about how I’ve lived a healthy and fit lifestyle to date with long-term T1 diabetes and now how I’m taking radical steps to live the rest of my days complication free and in optimal health and wellness with T1D is to be a light and help others to live in theirs.

Naturally, in the process, the things I will gain are optimal wellness, incredible connections, a feeling of joy when I see others and of course myself reversing complications and living life playing full out regardless of our condition.

I want to see positive change in the world when it comes to how diabetes is treated, how we can prescribe nutrition as the key to our health instead of the prescribing of medicine, how we can radically shift the way we see our lives as T1Diabetics, not as an early death sentence but instead as a driving force to live an even larger life, to be leaders for our kids, and to help our T1D community to thrive not just survive.

So, instead of striving for the next financial goal and to attain something for yourself alone this year, look inward for what you already have, that you could give to help others and in the process be helping yourself by living from a place of love, happiness, and abundance.