Mata Rani meaning ~ a mother goddess having various roles and manifestations, especially as Durga, Lakshmi, and Sarasvati, the female counterparts to the male gods of the Trimurti.

“I suppose that my mother was unknowingly my first coachee, as I recall from the age of 9 or 10 encouraging her to become her best and trying to help her to get out of her own way. However, my mother lived in a context that was incredibly harsh. She spent her life trying to make the best out of tough situations. I just knew she could be greater. I could visualize much more for her than she could have possibly imagined.

Death was her ultimate wake-up call, and fatefully, it was only when she knew she was dying that she truly began to live her life, making me realize that pain is unavoidable but suffering is optional. Loss is a huge discloser. It forces us to think of our own mortality and the fear attached to it. For years, I craved for my mother to be her authentic self, but she rarely showed it. Paradoxically, it was only after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer that she finally learned how to get out of her own way and live her truth for eighteen months, until her death at seventy-four.

She was unique, as all mothers are. And although our bond was complex, I learned that her kindness knew no limits, her generosity was immeasurable, and her insight was extraordinary. She is always in my heart, and her struggle and sacrifice will never be eclipsed from my mind. My wish is that she has truly found peace at last.”