Any uncertainty or crisis can unsettle a person and ruin their inner balance. Something similar has happened to the world with the pandemic outbreak. No one thought that a virus infection could cause deaths and affect the body severely. That is not all! The massive lockdowns adversely affected the economy resulting in job losses and pay cuts. Health and financial instability made people undertake great stress and anxiety.

There were and are people who are still afraid to move out of the home. Everyone must let go of stress and lead a balanced life during this pandemic phase. Do you resonate with this? If yes, you can opt-in for the wellness activities by Michael e Weintraub Esq.

1. Write a journal

There are several things that you think of in a day! And a part of these thoughts might be due to the pandemic and the new strain of the virus. You might also be wondering whether the vaccination drive can curb the pandemic curve? It is essential to write all your thoughts and ideas in a diary. Therapists and healers swear by the therapeutic power of journal writing. It helps you to face your inner world and also brings about a sense of calm within you. Also, there is no one to judge you when you are writing a journal. You can write your diary when you finish your chores for the day.

2. Meditate for peace

Do you feel unsettled most of the time? If yes, it is the correct time to try out meditation. You don’t have to follow any rigid rules for meditating. Instead, all you need to do is take some time for yourself and sit in a place where there is no distraction. Here you can sit quietly in the lotus position, close your eyes and observe your breath. You can also practice deep breathing while you meditate. If you find it challenging to concentrate, you can add in a mantra or repeat any word you want in your mind. Gradually, you will find a sense of calm and peace within you.

Michael E Weintraub Esq says that meditation helps to curb down stress and brings in relaxation. It helps to let go of the mental stress and anxiety that thrive on negative thoughts and allow you to think positive thoughts.

3. Enroll in an online dance or yoga class

One of the best ways to bring down stress is through physical activity. If you are afraid to move out of your house, you can join an online yoga or dance class. Both the activities are apt for physical and mental fitness. It helps to let go of body and mind toxins and enables you to stay in shape. When you join an online class, you have something to look forward to every day or every week. You might also make some new friends and decide to meet them over a cup of coffee. Both dance or yoga helps to release happy hormones and enables you to move beyond fear.

It is natural for people to feel stressed and anxious in the current situation. However, it is essential to let go of the same to bring back harmony to life. The wellness activities by Michael e Weintraub Esq will enable you to do that.