With the covid 19 pandemics, the world is facing lots of losses in every field, and the most major one is ‘life.’ Even after the government announced unlocking all over the country, people are still not willing to move out of their houses.

Many people around us are still in fear and mental stress that this virus mostly attacks elders and senior citizens. And it is also proven true after some time as the entire medical fraternity, including China, claimed that you can become an easy target for the virus if you are more than fifty years of age. So, the senior citizens must take proper precautions and care during this pandemic.

Tips to Take Care of Your Mental Well-being During Covid 19 Pandemic

According to reports, citizens above 50 years of age are more likely at risk in this pandemic. Hence, along with providing proper medicines to the covid patients, they must be supported emotionally for their well-being to achieve victory in this hard time. Here Darius Jasinski recommends some of the safety measures to ensure emotional wellness while fighting against the Covid 19 virus.

  • Provide proper company: – The news spreading all across the world that senior citizens are in danger, putting the person in deep threat and apprehension. There are still many uncertainties for this virus and lots of research on its impact on mental well-being is being done. So, just providing the individual with proper care and company can work effectively for their mental wellness. Give them proper company, assure them that you will provide all the care and safety to them in this challenging time and that they don’t need to worry about anything else. Manage some time to talk with the person every day.
  • Boost confidence: – Confidence is now becoming a key to fight this virus. Most people are losing their confidence while fighting the virus, resulting in a non-recoverable loss. So, providing them with ample hopes and confidence in this situation, no matter what, will boost confidence within them as they step ahead to fight.
  • Yoga and meditation: – The situation is getting tensed day by day. So, the introduction of yoga and meditation in your daily routine can be very beneficial. Try to invest some time in meditation exercises like breathwork, visualization, and many exercises you can rely on.

Making this your everyday practice will ultimately help you keep your mind calm, stress-free, provide fresh oxygen, balance the hormones, refresh the brain, reduce anxiety, and give you a healthy immunity system.


Most of the senior citizens already have some existing medical conditions, which can also impact their mental stress. So, try to relax them and make sure that they don’t miss anything out in the routine, which can further disrupt their conditions. Everyone needs to be physically and mentally fit in this particular phase of time. Find out time for them, monitor them, and try to make their everyday life enjoyable.