To Hillary Clinton, whose loss in the US presidential election jolted me out of complacency and inspired me to step into my role as a feminist.

To Amelia Earhart, my first childhood hero who taught me that women could be daring pioneers who head off on amazing adventures.

To Helen Keller, about whom I wrote my half-term project at primary school and whose story showed me what was possible through sheer determination.

To my coaches, who have supported me through my personal and professional transformation these past few years.

To my gran, who applied to (and got) a role as a ‘male clerk’ after university, and kept her independence throughout her marriage.

To my aunts, who played with me when I was little and have inspired me as an adult to write and to become a coach, joining me for runs, road trips and rooftop bars.

To my girlfriends, who have accompanied me from the innocence of school to drunken nights out, from weddings to babies and business launches.

To my niece, who wears a Stormtrooper mask and carries a lightsaber as she runs around in her princess dress, and gives me hope for the future.

To my sister, who is more like me than we ever realised growing up and who I admire so much as a smart businesswoman and the most amazing mother.

To my mum, my ‘lovely Elisabeth mummy’ who brought me into this world and who has always been my favourite person.

And to that little girl with her tongue sticking out, who dreams of making a difference – and does her best every single day.