I often thought that nothing could be more challenging than the tasks I’m given the moment I start working. Yet as time goes by, I begin to realize that it’s not the job itself that’s taxing but rather the onerous commitment to try to get along with everyone I work with. Because… Whether you like it or not, the people you’re going to be dealing with daily have acquired different personalities long before they were even taught how to hold a pen or tap on the keyboards. The instance you step into the real world, you’ll all bring with you your own set of values and a lot of baggage you’ve acquired over the years. One baggage people often carry is insecurity, a baggage that may not be obvious but ultimately manifests itself through your actions and words. 

This thing called insecurity can and will always try to rear its ugly head in your jobs. And people who are insecure have the habit of pointing their fingers at other team mates or worse, they’ll try to drag others into the mess just so they can justify the mistake they made. They’d rather get hit by lightning rather than take full responsibility of the oversight. Perhaps it’s more convenient to heap the blame on others so they can validate themselves. Business wise, companies nowadays are taking the short route by treating slip-ups as something that could be amended or remedied by sending the guilty staff back to the training room. 

In the end, after so many wasted time and days of retraining, they come to realize that the blunders were nothing but by products of the staff’s insecurity. And no amount of training or coaching can change that because it’s something that the person involved must deal with on his or her own. So if you’re carrying that much baggage called insecurity with you, please let it go. It’s keeping you from forming great relationships with others and enjoying what life has to offer. It even makes everyone on your team detest the idea of working with you everyday. Although difficult, there are so many things you need to let go of including insecurity so you can have more rooms for better things in your lives. Put that baggage named insecurity at the baggage counter please and never claim it back again.