Coronavirus and lockdowns have thrown the strongest of us for a sixer. And as resilient as kids are – some are struggling. 

Kids are all different, and at every age, there’s a different unique set of circumstances and emotions. So for some this article might not relate.

But for others – if it does – I want them to know they’re not alone.

The world is thinking of you, we see you, and you most definitely are not alone.

Dear little kids

It’s a very strange time to be growing up

You got through the first lockdown and you did so well

You were back at school playing with your friends and learning new things

Then suddenly it changed again

You’re back home in lockdown

You’re missing your friends and no one can tell you for sure when you’ll be able to see them again

You’re missing school and your favourite teachers 

Some of you struggled to learn at home and you’re not sure how you’ll do it this time

You miss recess and lunch when you could run, play, yell, scream and laugh with all your friends, and shake some of those jigglies out 

You don’t know when you’ll be able to go back, or if you’ll just be pulled out again

You were so excited because you’d been able to go back to soccer or footy or netball, or started back at dance classes or music lessons

But then it all stopped again

You’re missing your nanny, your poppy, your auntie, your uncle, your cousins

You miss nanna’s cuddles – you miss her doing your hair or telling you a story while you sit on her knee

You miss playing at her house and eating her special crunchy choc chip bickies 

Sometimes you feel lonely

Sometimes you feel a bit scared

You see mum and dad or your carers looking worried

You see them trying to pretend everything’s ok – but you can tell they’re worried too

You see your older brothers and sisters getting angry because they want to go out

You know more than you say, and you’ve got lots of worries inside your little head

You hear them talking on the news 

There’s a virus and it sounds really bad

You don’t get to go to the shops anymore

Or if you do – and you see someone you know; you’re not allowed to run up and give them a cuddle

You don’t get to play at the park anymore

The sleepover party you were meant to go to will have to wait until it’s safe

But you’re not sure when it’ll be safe

You try to be strong

You try to understand

boy washing his hands

You wash your hands – because mum said that kills the virus

You hear people arguing about wearing masks and arguing with each other

You’re not sure why 

You wonder why people don’t do the right thing so you can see your nanny again

If this virus is really bad, why don’t they do the right thing? 

You’re scared of catching it because you know people can die

You worry every time mum or dad goes out in case they catch it – you don’t want them to die

Who would look after you if they weren’t here?

Who would love you if they died?

You remind them to wash their hands and not to cuddle anyone

You remind them to wear their masks

People say that if you get sick with the virus you have to be in hospital alone

You feel like crying because you don’t want to be sick and alone away from mum and dad

You worry about all the people who are alone and sad

Sometimes it’s hard to go to sleep because you worry too much

Your parents tell you it won’t always be like this

They say if people do the right thing it will go back to normal

You know some of your friends have homes they don’t feel safe in and you feel so sad for them

Some of them used to come to school with no food for lunch

You worry about them and you don’t know who can help them

You hope they’re not hungry and sad

You want everyone to be happy and safe

You want to go back to the happy times you had 

You like spending this time at home with mum and dad or your carers and you try to be happy but you miss your old life

girl and mum walking in park wearing face masks

Dear children – now is the time to talk to mum and dad or your carer or whoever you have to talk to

Now is the time to talk about your worries 

Now is the time to cuddle your family and cherish the time with them

I remember when I was little, I would make up games to play by myself

I would look for the fairies in the garden

I would make up stories in my mind about going on magical trips to faraway kingdoms

I would read books and play with my dolls

Find the things you love to do at home and do them

Now is the time to think about all the doctors and the nurses and everyone who’s working so hard to keep us safe

To be proud of our families for doing the right thing

To feel proud of yourself for doing the right thing

To tell your family how much you love them and tell them when you’re worried

To look forward to the future when you can go back to school, when you can see your friends again, when you can play sport or dance or go to birthday parties 

Please remember this…

We will get control of this virus, they will find a cure 

You’re not alone – even though sometimes it feels like you are

There are kids all over the world going through this just like you

It will get easier

You’re doing a wonderful job and you’re strong, and so is your family 

You’ll get through this and I’m so proud of you

If you do need extra help, these people are trained to give you extra help…

Kids Helpline – (Australia) telephone and online support for anyone 5 and over at any time- they also have some great coronavirus resources on ways to cope with missing your friends, worries you have, homeschooling, and things your mum and dad and others might be worried about. They also have some great things mum and dad or your carers might like to look at online.

Lifeline -(Australia) telephone support at any time.

Please don’t forget you are very special, you are living through a time that’s new and strange for everyone – but above all, you are very loved.

Love, Nicky xx