I thought I was one of those lucky ones.  You know the type of people that nothing bad ever happens to them. The ones who seemingly coast through life without a scar to show off or their entire heart intact. I thought that the stuff you heard about, the bad, the ugly, or even just the lesser of the good wouldn’t happen to me. I don’t know why I felt so privileged other than the fact … I was.

But I’ve been challenged, so have you. You are being challenged as we speak. As you sit hunched over the screen you’re reading this on right now. I may not believe in the lucky ones but I do believe that some souls are seen, heard, and loved by the universe differently. I know you agree. That in a world filled with freedom so many aren’t free. Free from their mind, free from others judgment, free from just being. That their existence is tested, daily.

Maybe this is you. Your being is currently craving that attention. The attention to feel like a somebody. To matter to anyone. To be noticed on a deeper level. To be seen for who you are. To be heard for what you stand for. You’re not asking for much but I am sure no one has told you that in the past. Instead, they told you that by wanting to be noticed you’re being needy instead. They are wrong.

Here’s to the ones that don’t feel lucky. To the one’s that don’t feel seen. That don’t feel heard. The ones that never feel worthy of love.

It’s your turn.

It’s time for this all to change. For your voice to scream out, for it to stop people in their tracks. For you to be heard. 

For your beauty to shine bright, really fucking bright. For people to see you for exactly who you are. Your perfectly placed imperfections. 

For you to feel love. For your heart to literally grow in size from the love your receiving … finally.

To the ones that don’t feel loved, that don’t feel seen, that don’t feel heard:

You get it. The heartbreak that comes with feeling this way. The smiles that aren’t genuine, the constant pit in your gut, the questions you ask about belonging here. 

In this, there is power. I see you for having to fight. I hear your silence. I love you deeply for it.

The thing is, no one is safe from hurt, heartbreak, or the reality that we face day in and day out.  Lucky ones or not. We all get rocked but you understand this deeper than anyone. I wish I could take your pain away. I wish I could physically give you a piece of my heart. I wish I could hold you, to hug the hate away. I wish I could tell you it’s okay. But it’s not … the fight you’re fighting it’s not okay. It’s not fair. 

But you fight anyway. I admire you for it. To continue despite everything. You continue to get back up after every punch. Every gut check. Every reality check. Why? How? I know you must be tired.

It’s painful, the truth that we can’t be saved from these gut checks, that these pain points, they are a necessity to our growth … because without those moments life would be frozen. Without those moments we would be numb. Without those moments we would only exist, we would never truly live.

It’s your turn. To stand up, I’ll sit for you. To speak out, I’ll listen to you. To open your heart, I’ll love you.

I want you to live because you’re worthy of this world regardless of how small or how insignificant you may feel. It’s your turn. We forget that in the midst of challenge, that in the suffocation and exhaustion of your emotions that right now you are exactly where you are supposed to be. It’s your turn. To trust this space, this timing, this season. It’s your turn.

We don’t know each other. I’m just a stranger to your being but I see you. I hear you. I love you.

I know you’re feeling small right now, I am too. Small in a sea of people who are fighting for their life, lives I want to fight for too. Small in a sea of people who feel dismissed and unworthy. Small in a sea of people who have forever felt judged and taken advantage of.

I’m sure you don’t know where to begin. I can’t tell you what to do but it’s finally in your hands. 

Here we are, planted on this earth, moving through life answering to others. Feeling what we think we should feel. Being who we think we should be. Screw that, I’m over that. It’s your turn. To stop looking at society for answers. To answer to yourself. 

I hope you keep your faith closer to you than your fears. That your courage grows and you keep it close to your heart. 

I hope you decide to love yourself today. To pop the bubbles of self-hate, the negative thoughts, and the endless feelings of being unworthy. That the disgust you’ve been holding onto for so long starts to disappear. 

I hope you decide what kind of life you want to live and then say “no” to everything else. Because you don’t have the time to live any other way. 

I hope you decide to take care of yourself before you to try please someone else. That you form boundaries that no one can break.

I hope you ignore the opinions of others that don’t suit you. That you know that you’re opinion is the one that gets the final say. Because you know those other opinions are what made you feel so unseen, unheard, unloved in the first. 

I hope that your heart stretches and you begin to crave the love you give. That the love comes to you in the purest of ways. The magic it provides.

I hope you decide that the skin you are in is beautiful, it’s yours, and it’s special. 

I hope you decide to do the uncomfortable thing for long term comfort you could feel in your own skin. 

I hope you pick you today and every day. The real you.  The one I see, the one I hear. The one worthy to do and feel. The one worthy of the world. 

It’s your turn.