Standing outside of our house, awaiting the rest of our family, I turned to my dad and said, “I want to have a fun job.”

I was less than ten years old when I made this proclamation. I didn’t know what this “fun job” would look like. All I knew was that I wanted to wake up every day feeling excited about whatever it was that I was about to embark on. And, side-note, I would not get that in a cubicle working tirelessly to make someone else’s vision come to fruition.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my time to uncovering what it is, precisely, that lights me up from within. What I’ve found is that it’s actually a combination two things. First, writing cozy stories. Two, sharing my philosophy on life, which is, in a nutshell, dare to dream.

Enter Rêveurs Magazine. Where it all comes together.

This new publication of mine works to address the question we all make at some point in our lives. That is, do I choose love or do I choose fear? Based on my observations, I’ve noticed the majority of people tend to choose fear. Subconsciously. Meaning, they choose the most “practical” career path because that which they truly are passionate about appears too difficult to pursue, for any which reason, which always comes back to a fear of some sort. There’s the fear that said passion won’t be fruitful, financially speaking. There’s the fear of inadequacy—not enough “chops to pull it off.” There’s the fear of failure. There’s even the very real fear of being seen.

But then there are those who choose love. And they are a smaller niche. These are the change-makers, the creatives, the entrepreneurs—the dreamers. Those who have decided that life is too short to give up on what they love, and as such have persevered, determined to make their dreams a part of reality.

I am devoted to sharing the stories of this latter group, with the intent of inspiring readers to follow in their lead and apply their mindset and maneuvers in their own lives. I have taken the traditional categories of a magazine—travel, food, music, beauty, fashion—and explored them unconventionally (just as my interviewees lead their lives!).

Imagine flipping to the beauty section and not seeing a meaningless page of products, but rather seeing an artfully curated editorial about someone who’s made it in the ambiguous industry of beauty. Imagine reading about her childhood, her struggles, the lessons she’s learned, her advice. Imagine closing each story feeling like you get her. Like you can see yourself in her. Like you can do this too.

As a global society, I believe we can teach each other so much, and grow together if we continue to tell stories. It was once said that you can either be a preacher or a storyteller—I’ll take the latter any day. I’m devoted to bringing back the communion of the world via heartfelt narratives. I’m devoted to saying sayonara to fluff and “filler content.” I’m devoted to uplifting the spirit of all readers who feel like their dreams are out of reach. Because, really, as Pauline Kael once said, “Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a chance in a million that you can do something, anything, to keep what you want from ending, do it. Pry the door open or, if need be, wedge your foot in that door and keep it open.”