If you have ever been in a long-distance relationship, virtual dates may not be an entirely new concept for you, whether it is “online cooking” or virtual birthday celebration with your significant others. We all know it is not ideal, but we do our best to stay hopeful and grateful for what we have until the next reunion. And this is the skill we need for this stressful time.

I have to admit that being alone 24/7 is a challenge for me. At school, we are so used to be around with friends for project meetings and hangouts. Adjustments will certainly take some time. Thanks to digitalization, being responsible does not mean isolation. We can always stay connected via social media. Having some social interaction is essential for us to support one another, especially the ones still away from home. But, wait a minute, we may eventually not have that much to update about if a lockdown is continuing for months. So, here is my solution: make your next video chat an event.

As a wine lover, I figured “online tasting” is not a bad idea. Remembering in my favorite wine class at Cornell, once a while, we would have virtual tasting sessions with producers from all over the world. Raise a glass of syrah to our presenter, standing at his winery in Australia, was quite an incredible experience. Now through a video call, I can do the same with friends, family, and even strangers. Have a sip and cheer over the screen, and all the screenshots and recordings will amuse us later. It is also important that we hold each other accountable not to binge drink or snack alone. If you really miss going to group fitness classes, happy hours, make these activities happen online. We need each other to fight through the pandemic.