Major life decisions have been made due to my connection with lawnmowers.

Hmmm … you may be scratching your head at the logic of this — stay with me.

I recall the day, 2018, I was mowing an uneven patch of lawn and a wheel fell off the lawnmower! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, it felt like another crappy life experience to endure. But, I made a strategic decision as I looked at that disconnected wheel, and then I looked up at my home, which no longer held joy or connection for me. Within a few weeks, there was a SOLD sign at the bottom of my driveway! It was one of the best decisions I made that year.

The old lawnmower did not accompany me to a new home as I acquired one from a family member who was leaving for overseas. But, yesterday, as I attempted to start it, the pull cord snapped in my hand. Yes, I had been yanking it with more strength than required, knowing full well that it was overdue for a service — which is probably the reason it was reluctant to start in the first place. My first reaction was to Google a possible DIY solution — I grew up with a Kiwi number 8 wire mentality, anything is fixable. Then, my eye caught the headline of another article, ‘Is it worth repairing your lawnmower?’

I did my maths, I checked what Bunnings Store had to offer … and you know the outcome, I’m now the proud owner of a fully functioning lawnmower. I’ve never owned a new one, I think it deserves a name — are lawnmowers male or female?

If you are still scratching your head wondering at the correlation between lawnmowers and life decisions, here it is…

– Sometimes in life, a wheel falls off and we feel out of balance. As human ‘beings’ our ‘beingness’ will not naturally respond well to crisis and change. Out with the old, in with the new requires a willingness to feel uncomfortable during the transition period.

Sometimes, with a relationship, a career path, a coveted possession, the cost of repair depletes our life investment more than allowing something new to present itself.

My history of owning lawnmowers is insignificant, but the life lessons learned will carry value until the day my own starter pull cord finally snaps and my well-lived human body is beyond repair.

For, today I’m reflecting on my ongoing relationship with lawnmowers and life. It’s a darn shame the weather forecast is for rain, I have a lawn to mow!

Living … its an adventure of a lifetime